Letter of Late Submission of Documents due to COVID

We are often required to submit our documents at different places for various reasons. Most of the time, there is a deadline to submit those documents. People who are interested in submitting those documents should know about that deadline and should try to make sure that they meet that deadline.

Meeting deadlines is important not because we have to abide by the rule but also because those who don’t meet deadlines don’t cast a good impression on others. People who don’t meet deadlines are often looked upon as irresponsible people who don’t have a sense of responsibility.

It is important to realize what impact the late submission can have on those who are going to receive them. If you are an employee in an organization, you are likely to get a warning or get dismissed in the worst scenario. If you are a student and you are trying to get admission in an institute, you are likely to lose that seat in that institute. Therefore, you must always realize the importance of being on time. However, if you are late because of the pandemic that has put the entire world on the edge, you can make up for the late submission by writing a letter.

Why the letter of late submission of documents is written?

As it has been explained before, not being able to meet the deadline while submitting the document does not cast a good impression on others. Therefore, when you are late because of any reason, you should write a letter to explain your late submission.

It should be kept in mind that you should write this letter only when you know that you have a genuine reason for a late submission. If you think that you got late because of your negligence and laziness, then you should not write this letter.

What is the purpose of writing a letter of late submission?

This letter is written when you want to explain why your documents submission got late. Late submission of documents usually causes inconvenience to others. Those who process these documents set a deadline so that they start processing once all the people finish submitting their documents. Your letter of late submission due to COVID-19 lets them know that it was not your fault in a late submission.

Through this letter, you not only explain but also apologize for the late submission. This letter shows a positive attitude of the person who writes it because it makes the recipient realize that you are aware of the late submission and the inconvenience that you have caused to the recipient.

Tips for writing the letter of late submission due to COVID-19:

If you have decided to appease the enraged recipient of your documents by writing the letter, you must realize the importance of writing it effectively. Considering this, here are some tips that you might find useful:

  1. Start the letter with your complete introduction. The introduction should be given briefly. The introduction is very important for the recipient in case there are many people submitting documents and are also one of them
  2. Explain why your submission got late. Since this letter is being written because of COVID-19, you can tell the recipient about it. It is important to note that the recipient is already aware of the problems people are facing due to COVID-19. Therefore, you don’t need to write long explanations of how the late submission happened
  3. Express what you are expecting from the recipient. Ask the recipient to accept your documents even though, they are late. Also, express that you are expecting the recipient to overlook the late submission and show some flexibility.
  4. If you think that your apology can work wonder, include a statement of apology also in the letter.

Sample letter:

To: Mr. XYZ

Date: ——————

RE: Submission of documents after the deadline due to COVID

Dear (name of the recipient),

My name is Johnson and I have applied to the IT department of ABC University. Luckily, I got admission to the university and I was supposed to submit my all documents to the university by 25th July 20XX. I am writing this letter to let you know that I am submitting my documents after the deadline because of unprecedented circumstances prevailing in the world due to COVID-19. 

I know that it is very important for all the students to meet the deadline. I also tried to make sure that my documents reach the administration of the University in time. Owing to lockdown and other conditions, the courier services are not working as fast as they should.

I am sorry for the late submission of the documents. I hope that the university will accept my documents and process them with the documents of other students.


Your name

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