Letter Disapproving the Petty Cash Request

What is petty cash?

Petty cash is an amount that an organization transfers to the account of an employee who has to make small payments as well as purchases for the sake of the company’s work. The petty cash also includes all the expenditures of the employee while working for the company. There is a particular department in the company that deals with petty cash. It is the responsibility of this department to decide who to give petty cash and how much.

Using petty cash:

Certain rules need to be followed while handling petty cash. For example, the employee is not allowed to use petty cash for his matters. This cash is exclusive for doing company-related work. The employee can also ask for more cash if he runs short of cash. For this purpose, the employee writes the request letter to the manager of the company asking him to grant more petty cash. However, whether the employee will get this cash or not completely depends on the decision of the company to approve or disapprove the request.

What is a letter of expressing disapproval of the petty cash request?

This letter is written when a company finds out that the employee requesting the petty cash does not need it. Through this letter, the manager of the company tells the employee that his request for getting petty cash has not been accepted and that the employee will not get this cash at all.

The reason for not approving this request is also mentioned. It is important to note that this letter is always written as a response to the request letter written by someone to get petty cash.

When to write a disapproval letter for the request of petty cash?

As it has been told earlier, this letter is written to disapprove the request, it is important to know that when the employee gets the disapproval. There are many scenarios in which the manager of the company feels that the person writing this request letter should not be approved. Some of these scenarios are:

  1. When it is found that the person requesting the petty cash is not a trustworthy person based on his previous record, the company can refuse his request.
  2. When a newly-hired person asks for petty cash and it is too early for a company to trust him.
  3. When the company has already given plenty of petty cash to the employee and does not want to give more cash.

How to disapprove of the request?

For many people, it is very daunting and complex to disapprove the request of a person because they feel that this might make them come off as a rude person. Therefore, the choice of words and tone in the letter matters a lot. Here are a few tips that you must consider while writing this letter:

  1. Mention the request in the letter that was sent by the employee as it is important to tell this letter is being written in response to the request letter that the company received from the employee.
  2. The tone of the letter should be professional. The person who reads the letter should get the feeling that the disapproval from the company has been sent in a kind way.
  3. Mention the reason in a very polite way. Sometimes, the purpose of writing this letter is not good. There are certain situations when a company might not be happy with the employee as he might have perpetrated a scam with the petty cash that was granted to him for work-related tasks. No matter how bad a situation is, one should always consider that the reason should be specified politely.
  4. Tell the employee that the company will give him petty cash whenever it will feel that it is important.

 Sample letter:

To: Mr. XYZ

Date: ——————

RE: Petty cash request abandoned

Dear (name of employee),

We have received your request for petty cash on 5th July 20XX. We have evaluated your needs and requirements about the work you have been tasked with. After careful consideration, it has been figured out that you need no petty cash anymore.

Most of the expenses that you covered via petty cash were travel expenses. The company has seen that there is not any travel-related work in the rest of the work for you. Therefore, the company has decided to disapprove your request for petty cash. The company will grant you petty cash when it sees that you need it.

Thank you so much for feeling so much concerned about your work. If you have any query in your mind, feel free to contact us.


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