Letter Informing HR about Salary Mistake

There are lots of such situations when we find out that there is an error in the salary. An organization needs to have a smooth payroll system. When a company manages to have a smooth payroll system that prevents mistakes, the employees in that company remain satisfied and happy. Additionally, the company prevents many legal ramifications if it has an organized payroll system.

What is a letter informing of a salary mistake?

Unfortunately, no matter how well a company manages the payrolls of its employees, sometimes mistakes are unavoidable. When an employee finds out that there is a mistake in his salary, he can write to the payroll department of the company informing it about the mistake.

When to write this salary mistake report letter?

The employee needs to know that in which situation he will be required to write to the company to report the mistake. A few situations are being discussed below:

  1. When the company does not meet the deadline of transferring salary to employees’ accounts, the employee should send a letter to inform them that a mistake has been made.
  2. When the company does not transfer the amount specified in the employment contract, the employee can report the issue.
  3. Oftentimes, the company announces the bonus or any other kind of reward that it does not transfer along with the salary. In that situation, the error should be reported so that it can be corrected.

How to write?

If you are someone who has to write this letter, follow the guidelines given below:

Start the letter by reporting the error:

There can be many things that you might want to discuss in the letter. However, the first and foremost information that you should provide in this letter is the information regarding the error. Make sure that you have sufficient information to write this letter. For instance, you must write the accurate amount that you have received and the accurate amount that you were supposed to be receiving in case the issue was with the salary amount.

State facts:

Such types of letters usually have many facts that need to be reported along with the mistake. The employee can neither ignore those facts nor can he misstate them. Therefore, verifying everything before it is communicated is the first step to be taken before this letter is written.

Make a request:

This is another main part of the letter that you can never get away with. After having mentioned the mistake, request the employee to review all the documents to ensure that the records of the company and your records have the same information regarding your salary. Another purpose of making this request is to make the employer check and attest the number of hours you have worked and then calculate the payroll again.

Keep your tone sensible:

Some people make a mistake by not writing with a tone that is appropriate for them to communicate the mistake in the salary they have pointed out. This does not let the employer feel good and he feels as if you are trying to achieve something by mentioning the errors. There is no need to be angry over a mistake because everyone is entitled to making mistakes and this is what you need to keep in mind while writing this letter.

Attach whatever can support your stance:

In some situations, you try to remind the employer about his promise to raise your salary or reward you with a bonus. Most of the time, a written announcement regarding the pay raise is made. If you have that announcement document, do attach it with the letter to support what you are claiming.

End the letter gracefully:

In the professional world, how you end the letter matters a lot. If you are unable to use the right selection of words to close the letter, you might ruin our reputation. Therefore, try to be grateful and open to accepting the mistakes to sound gracious. If you are unable to do that, search for a template and edit it to personalize it, and send it away.

Sample Letter

(Your Name)
(Your Address)


(Recipient’s Name)
(Company Name)

Dear (Mr. Mrs. Ms. Last Name),

I am writing this letter to inform you about a possible error in my payslip. I have received my payslip on (date) for the month of (month). I am writing to let you know that there has been an error (mention error).

I did not receive any notification for this new salary amount and there is no information about this with the slip.

Therefore, I am assuming that it may be a technical mistake and can be rectified without any hassle.

Yours Sincerely,
(Your Name)

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