Layoff Letter Due to COVID

A layoff letter is a kind of termination letter written by the employer or on the behalf of employer to the employee. A layoff is made due to some serious issues related to company or organization like a merger, restructuring the organization, lack of work, budget cuts, relocations, or business closure. It is not made on the basis of some performance faults of the employee. The number of employees being laid off depends on the gravity of the problem. Employees are laid off on a different basis in different organizations or companies. Some make layoffs on a seniority basis, some on the basis of skills and some on the basis of the type of workforce.

Covid-19 is the name of novel coronavirus which is a deadly virus and has got the shape of a pandemic. To avoid the contagious virus many governments imposed strict lockdowns that directly affected the economy and struck the business world and almost all types of work small or big. Every economy has been declined due to this Covid-19 as its deadliest impact left the businesses with great hardships and troubled them with the huge financial decline and misshaping.

In this unprecedented situation, a lot of companies or organizations decided to lay off their staff due to the shutting down of business due to lockdown and lack of work and consumption of the business due to the Covid-19. Everything has been laminated in the sheet of fear of the deadly virus. In such a situation, while making layoffs, it is important to notify your employees about the layoff and its reason. To create an optimistic tone, wish them good luck for their bright career, and appreciate them for their services in your organization.

Two sample letters of this type are given below:


Re. Permanent Layoff due to Covid-19

Dear Jean,

It is to inform you with regret and sadness that you have been laid off from the designation of Assistant Manager due to the gruesome circumstances of Covid-19 and its dreadful impacts on the economy at global levels. On the basis of the mentioned cause, the company has decided to layoff twenty-three employees which will be in action from 25th July 20XX.

As you must have an idea about the impacts of Covid-19 on businesses all over the world, we are no more an exception. The business has been terribly struck by the Covid-19 and ultimate lockdown all over the country. The USA government declared the lockdown and shut down of the business three months before and during these three months it has been very difficult to steer the business at its former heights.

To curb this economic fallout we have tried a lot to explore the solution for this unwanted and unpleasant issue. Unfortunately, we could not find any other single solution to this problem and we had to settle for various issues all together to paint this dismal picture of the economy. The future of economic stability is now in recession and remains bleak, that is why, and we are compelled to layoff twenty-five staff members permanently.

To make you a little bit easier, we have decided to give $1000 to you so that you can manage your livelihood till the next job. We do appreciate your tenure of sincere services and dedicated efforts to the contribution towards this company.

We can’t thank you enough for your coordination and understanding. Gramercy!



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Re. Temporary Layoff due to Covid-19

Dear Sean,

I am Noah Philips from the KLCN Group of Companies. I am sorry to inform you that you have been laid off from the company due to the economic decline caused by Covid-19. Here I will give you good news as well that the layoff is of temporary nature. You can rejoin the office on 25th October 20XX. The layoff will be effective from 25th July 20XX.

As the novel coronavirus has struck hard to the world and has caused serious damage to almost every section of society i.e. from education to business. The situation has led to a serious employment crisis thus, we are not an exception from this struck. The company is suffering from the core issues of economic fall and spike in slow business or no business days. The suffering in the wake of the pandemic is escalating day by day and the situation is very unpredictable. This unpredictability led us to make the grave decision of layoff. It is inevitable to say that it is a very sad experience of laying off some of the very brilliant and industrious workers.

To add, it is no wrong to say that your tireless and sincere efforts in elevating the status of this company can never be rewarded enough in its true sense but still to rejoice the time spent in this company and help you in this miserable time, the company would like to pay $1000 to you in the shape of a trivial gift. We thank you for your cooperation and withstanding with the company in this hour of need. You can visit the Human Resources Department for more details or write to [Email].

Thank you.



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