Internet and Email Policy Letter to Employees

In the advanced technology world, one of the best inventions is the internet. It is of a great deal personally and professionally. It has greatly changed the whole big wide world. It has become essential in the everyday life.

People can talk easily to their beloved ones living abroad. Households can be bought online. Bills and fees can be paid online. Online schools and colleges are providing education to millions and trillions of students. Government organizations are also taking big benefits through the internet. The offices and firms are taking great ease from this precious invention. Big business transactions can be done online.

Nowadays, sending messages has become far easier than in earlier times. One can send messages through their mobile phones or email. Through email, one can send formal or informal, personal or professional messages to the recipients. Even the companies can send different contracts or important notifications through email.

But, everything has pros and cons. Both internet and email can have a negative use. In the workplace, the employer must frame a policy for internet and email usage. Such policies define the limitations on the use of company internet and emails. These policies are designed to avoid any kind of loss that can occur using the internet like confidential papers of the company, employees’ profiles, and accounts. Additionally, hacking is a serious drawback that can be avoided by defining limitations on usage.

Following samples of internet and email policies can be utilized to draft a good one for you.


Social media regulation about what employees can say and share has turned ever more vital in the world. Employees don’t pay needed attention to strategies because they don’t want to act inaptly and cross a line that they didn’t know prevailed. So, the progress of a just, logical, and practical policy is powerfully endorsed.

So long as the directions are not outfoxing or exceedingly preventive of underlying privileges, as they express them, our policy offers a vibrant track for workers. Our internet & email excessively limiting policy embraces such rules as:

  • Workforces should never argue about work online.
  • The employees are prohibited to circulate their pictures with their workmates at work trials.
  • Email and internet norms apportioned to a member’s workstation or telephone allowances are only for the resolve of steering corporation trade.
  • Publishing the pictures of your children is strongly downcasted.
  • You aren’t allowed to post any kind of stuff on your social media accounts during working hours as it is also taboo.
  • Selected job tasks at the Company involve admittance to the internet and the usage of software in the accumulation with the Microsoft Office, you must keep the usage of internet confined to the area allowed.
  • Employees fittingly sanctioned for company tenacities may use the internet to access and download supplementary software. This endorsement is mostly limited to choices that the IT department styles in combination with Human Resources.

Positively, the company will not have to revise this addition. All staff members are supposed to follow these rules strictly; otherwise, our firm won’t be responsible for the severe steps taken consequently.

Internet and email policy letter to employees

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As you know, we have always been striving hard to achieve discipline at work. Discipline not only helps companies to grow but also provides employees to improve and maintain a healthy work style. The Internet is the most important yet productive tool. We can neither live without it but we must limit ourselves to avoid any wastage of time.

Hence, the company has decided to implement the policy for the internet and emails. The Internet can be used for work and personal reasons as well. However, the use of the internet for personal use should not comprise the confidential information of the company. The information passed on using the company email address will be treated as the company property always. The company has the right to monitor the use of computers and the data without any informed notice.

Please do not hesitate to write should have any questions.

With thanks

Internet and email policy letter to employees

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