Internal Department Transfer Letter

When an employee wants to move from one part of the organization to another, he can write the internal department transfer letter to this company requesting it to make the transfer happen. This happens for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes, the employee does not feel satisfied working in the department he has been currently recruited for. So, he requests the company to transfer him to another department. This also happens when the employee feels that he can give his best working in another department. Regardless of the reason, the internal department transfer letter has its role to play when a transfer is to take place.

What should be written in a department transfer letter?

This letter is considered as a kind of a cover letter. The employee how wants his job to be transferred to another department should make sure that he is clear about whatever he states in the letter. The employee should also make sure that he adds all the information in the space of one page only. It is better to address the following details in the letter:

  1. Mention your strengths and abilities so that the employer can realize that you are a dedicated person who deserves to be listened to.
  2. If the employee knows about the benefits that he is likely to bring in case the employer transfers him to another department, he should mention them in the letter. This will help the employee convince the employer to make his transfer possible.
  3. The transfer request letter should also include the reason behind asking for the transfer.

What are the benefits of writing the internal department transfer letter?

The transfer request letter written by the employee is not just about fulfilling the needs of an individual employee. It helps a company a lot in making many wise decisions regarding recruiting people to different posts. For example, if the employee with a background in computer science has been appointed in the management section and he asks for the transfer, the management of the organization can see how irrelevant recruitments have been done, and then it can fix them.

When an organization approves the request of the employee to do the internal transfer, it provides a favorable environment for the employee to work. This eventually results in increased productivity of the employees at the workplace.

Writing tips:

Consider the following points for writing an effective letter:

Describe why you are writing:

At the very start of the letter, specify the reason for the letter. Although the subject says it all, you should still specify the reason for writing. While providing the reason, tell the employer that in which department you are currently working and to which department you want to move. Also, don’t forget to mention your designation in the company.

Mention your abilities and experience:

In this part, you should talk about the strong points of your professional life. Your employer must know about it to see what difference you can bring to the organization. Tell the employer that how long you have been working in the company.

Describe how loyal you are to your job:

In this part of the letter, you are required to prove that how loyal you are to your job. This will let the employer know that you are not going to leave the company after the company has made certain arrangements to make your transfer possible from one department to another. Your loyalty will help you at the end of the day to let your boss know that you are an asset to the company.

Do not brag:

Some people have the strange habit to brag while writing the request letter. Employers don’t like this attitude and they often reject the request when they see this kind of demeanor. So, it is better to avoid it.

Close the letter positively:

How you end the letter matters a lot especially when you are making a request and sending it to your boss. Sometimes, the reader just focuses on the end and therefore, the end has to be positive and should have a positive impact. Provide your contact details also at the end.

Sample Letter


Dear Ms. Sarah,

It is to inform you that you have been transferred to the ABC department as a manager, from your current position of ‘Assistant Manager’ in the XYZ department. This transfer will be effective from 1st of July 20XX.

We have always found you as a competent, hardworking, and efficient employee. You highly deserved this promotion as a manager. When the position became available, we did not want to hire someone from the external sources and decided to transfer you to this new position. In addition, the XYZ department is experiencing many issues, such as low productivity and high employee turnover. We believe that with your strong leadership skills, you will improve the department’s condition. We know that you will keep up the good work and face the challenges perfectly.

You are requested to wind up all the tasks and documents that are related to your current position till 30th June 20XX, so that the transfer and transition can prove to be smooth.

The details of this new position, and the associated benefits are detailed in the attached document. Kindly, go through it, and sign the new contract.

If you have any questions, you may contact us at [X].

Thank you.


Samantha Wilson.

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