Immediate Resignation Letter due to Work Stress

In general, the standard practice is to give notice of a specific period mentioned in the employment contract whenever you feel like leaving the company regardless of the reason. During this period, you as a worker are required to wind up all the projects that you are currently working on and allow your boss to find a suitable replacement. Sometimes, you are also asked to train your replacement. However, sometimes you have to resign from the work without any notice.

Writing a resign without a notice due to stress

Stress in the workplace is very common and people generally deal with it successfully. However, some employees get stressed so much that it becomes difficult for them to carry out their routine life activities. When the employee realizes that he can no longer work for the company due to excessive mental stress, he can resign without giving any notice.

Tips for writing a resign without any prior notification:

The employment contract binds every person to not leave the work unless they provide a notification of a specific duration. This is because when employees leave immediately, they create lots of problems for the company. This is not considered professional behavior to leave without informing in advance.

However, it is not always possible to give notice. In that situation, you can still save yourself by writing a letter of goodbye in an efficacious way. Follow the tips given below:

Mention the date of departure:

Since you are leaving immediately, you must provide the date from which your resignation will be deemed effective. Remember that, if you don’t mention the date, you make certain things unclear and don’t communicate anything well.

Provide the reason:

No employer wants to receive a goodbye letter without prior notice. Most of them really get angry and some of them also decide to take legal actions against you. It is recommended to provide the reason for leaving. If the reason makes sense, it will definitely save you and help you escape the situation safely.

When you tell the employer that you are stressed out and depression has become really problematic for you, you communicate the problems related to your mental health. Note that, if you are able to communicate your reason clearly, you will enable your boss to realize that you are not leaving being unprofessional.

Rather, you have a genuine reason to quit your job. Resigning due to poor mental health also makes the employer realize how much pressure is being put on the workers. This way, he can reflect upon the policies of the company.

Express gratitude:

Never forget to mention that you are thankful to your boss because this way, you make him know that you are not leaving out of discontentment. Even if the boss is angry, he can think of giving you relief after seeing that you are grateful to him and negativity is not the reason for you to quit.

Below is a sample letter:



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Subject: Immediate resignation due to stress at work

Dear Mr. (mention the name of the manager),

Please accept this letter as formal resignation from my side from the ABC Company from the position of sales manager effective from 1st Jan, 20XX. I am regretful for not being able to give the prior notice of two weeks as per the employment contract.

I am compelled to resign from the company due to excessing stress at the workplace that is draining me continuously. I have been going through a serious mental breakdown because of not being able to meet deadlines, attend meetings and complete my work. This has really impacted my work and personal life and I fear that if I didn’t leave my job immediately, my mental state will worsen. Due to this, I have left no option but to leave the job.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to you for being my employer and supervising me and guiding me at every step which has helped me a lot to grow in my career.


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Immediate Resignation Letter due to Work Stress

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