Explanation Letter for Absence without a Medical Certificate

People often cannot work because they feel slightly feel under the weather. Employees often take leave from work due to illness and it is considered as their basic right to take rest when they are not physically or mentally well. However, you are required to follow the rules and regulations of the company you work for. Almost every company has its way to deal with absenteeism.

Due to this, people who are feeling unwell and want to stay away from work are asked to submit a medical certificate. However, due to some reasons, sometimes, the employee fails to submit the medical certificate and goes on leave without it.

What is an explanation letter for being absent without a medical certificate?

When you go on leave without informing the company and you claim that it was sick leave, the company will ask you to write an explanation letter to clarify your position. In the explanation letter, you inform the company that you had a valid and genuine problem due to which you could not submit the medical certificate and took off from work without submitting it.

Why it is important to write the explanation letter?

In many organizations, it is a general policy to ask the employee to provide an explanation letter so that the employer can know your side of the story before any disciplinary action is taken against you. People feel intimidated when they have to write an explanation letter because they know that they have done something wrong and their boss wants to know the reason behind it. However, you should take this letter as an opportunity to clear your position and apologize if you know that you are wrong.

How to write?

Writing an explanation letter is not easy. There is so much to consider ensuring that you don’t offend the reader with your writing. Therefore, we have come up with some tips to help you with this:

Mention why you are writing:

At the very beginning of the letter, refer to the sick leave you took from work and also mention the date of the leave. Mention the duration and reason of the leave and describe that you are writing to give an explanation of going on leave without completing the process of leave application.

Explain the reason for not submitting the medical proof:

Tell the employer that was the reason behind not sending the medical certificate. While you explain this, mention that you respect the policies of the company so that your boss can feel that you take your work seriously and you did not do anything out of carelessness.


Even if it is not your fault for not providing the medical certificate, you must apologize because it has caused inconvenience to the company anyway. Mention that you are committed to not let this type of thing happen again in the future.

Below is a sample letter that can help you write a letter if you are in a similar situation.

Sample letter:

Dear Mr. ABC,

This letter is being with reference to the two days’ leave that I took on (mention the date). I was not feeling well on said dates and due to this, I was absent from work. My leaves were within the annual leave quota. I know that as per the rules of the company, it is mandatory to provide the medical certificate along with the sick leave as proof of sickness.

I was away from the city of work when I fell ill and nurses were not available in the hospital to issue me the certificate due to some technical issues.  I repeatedly asked the doctor and other hospital staff to create and email the certificate to you but they paid no heed. But they issued me the certificate after I was discharged from the hospital.

I know that the company requires this document to process my leave and I apologize for not being able to provide it in time. I am ready to submit it now and I assure you that this is not going to happen again.

Thank you so much for understanding my position. If you want to know anything else, please let me know.


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Explanation Letter for Absence without a Medical Certificate

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