Excuse Letter for School due to COVID

What is an excuse letter?

This is a kind of formal letter that you write to your employer or any person in authority to let him know that you have a reason for not being able to attend the workshop. In schools, the excuse letter from teachers or students is presented before the principal of the school.

It has become a very common practice to write an excuse letter due to the onset of pandemics across the world. Social distancing has become mandatory for all people whether they have contracted the virus or not. When someone has contracted the disease, staying at a distance is extremely important.

When to write the excuse letter for school due to COVID?

If you are suffering from COVID and your doctor has asked you to isolate yourself, you should write an excuse letter to the school principal and let him know why you cannot attend the school. The principal of the school might arrange online classes for you so that you don’t miss important lectures. Teachers in the school can also choose to write the excuse letter due to COVID.

This letter can also be written when you are not feeling well and you just want to be careful because you don’t know if you are COVID positive or not.

Why is an excuse letter for school written?

Every school has some policies to handle absenteeism. One of the most common policies is to find the student on remaining absent without informing. If a student remains absent for more than 3 days, schools also expel him and ask him to take admission again. Therefore, students always have to send a leave application to school letting the school know about the reason for the student’s absence. However, the student should also make sure that the reason he provides for the absenteeism is genuine and has a strong ground.

When a school finds that the student has a genuine reason to remain absent from work, it grants the leave.

How to write the excuse letter for absence due to COVID?

  1. When you are writing to the principal or vice-principal of the school, you need to be more cautious of how you draft the letter and put every detail in writing. Below are some tips that will be helpful for you.
  2. Follow the right format: It is important to remember the format in which the excuse letter is to be written. Following the format for students is very important. The format can be checked by checking any sample excuse letter available on the internet.
  3. Know the school’s policy: Every school has a different policy to handle the excuse letter. So, you should be aware of the policy before you write this letter. For example, if it is a policy of the school that every student making an excuse of being COVID positive must write the excuse letter with the test report to get his excuse accepted, you should follow this policy and attach the test report with the letter.
  4. Send the letter as soon as you receive your test results: One of the most common mistakes that everyone makes after testing positive is not let the school know and quarantine. The date of COVID results is mentioned in the test report. So, when you send the application late, the school finds it out easily. This shows negligence on your part. So, it should be your priority to inform the school that you are unable to attend the school due to being COVID positive.
  5. Provide details of the test: In the excuse letter, you need to describe your illness concisely. Tell me when you started getting symptoms of COVID and when did you get your test done. Also, mention your condition in quarantine. Tell what your doctor has advised you about isolation and social distancing.
  6. Inform the school that you are unable to attend the school: Tell the school that you will remain in isolation for a number of days and be back with the test report when you will be tested negative.

Sample Letter

Eric Dane
Principal ABC School

Dated: 28th February 20XX

Subject: Excuse from school due to COVID

Respected Sir,

It is respectfully stated that I, Patrick Dempsey, am a student of the 8th standard. I have an exceptional academic record along with other extracurricular activities. I have never missed school unless it is extremely impossible for me to attend but this time, I regrettably have to excuse school for an unlimited period of time due to COVID.

I took care of maintaining distance in socializing and followed all the SOPs, but I have succumbed to the deadly virus. I have already quarantined myself at home on the doctor’s advice and taking prescribed medications. During the lockdown, I stayed home and never met anyone that protected me from this disease but due to the opening of educational institutions, every student is at risk of this illness.

Kindly consider my situation as a serious threat to the precious lives of all students who are forced to attend school and make themselves vulnerable. They can act as a potential viral agent and have the tendency to pass on the disease to their parents and siblings at home. I hope that the school takes necessary actions to save everyone from falling victim to this disease.


Patrick Dempsey

Student of 8th Standard

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