Employee Training Checklist Template

When employees are given the opportunity to learn and equip themselves with new skills, they increase their competencies and are also able to increase job satisfaction. As a result, the company they work for gets a lot of benefits from the competent workers. Therefore, some companies invest in different training programs for their employees to train them for the work they need to do daily.

What is an employee training checklist?

It is a well-organized and structured document that is used to ensure that the employees of a company get the necessary training that they need to efficiently perform all the job activities. The training checklist is an excellent tool for those employers who always want their workers to be well-trained and skilled so they can work with the latest knowledge and play their role in the growth and development of the company they work for.

What can a worker expect from a training checklist?

This checklist includes the list of things that matter. All the relevant people can have access to this list and they can use it for their respective goals. The majority of people use it for checking the training programs and courses that employees can opt for to become more proficient and skilled in the job they are working on. As a result, they can make the organization more developed and compete with its competitors in a better way.

What to include?

There is no hard and fast rule as to what can be included in the training checklist. Depending on the needs of the company, this list can be very simple and sometimes, it can be very complex. When you create a list, you should consider the needs of your company and create it.

Information about the employee

This checklist is created for every individual employee separately, and therefore, it includes information about the employee to whom it belongs. It usually includes the employee’s name, ID, and the department or unit where he works.

Details of the training program

Here, the list of all the programs in which the employee is enrolled is mentioned. This list is divided into two types of courses: training programs, which are compulsory, and electives. Some programs are job-specific, and people cannot work unless they have themselves enrolled in them, and then some coaching programs teach additional things to employees, including safety at the workplace tips, compliance information, and much more. As and when the worker completes any of the courses given in the checklist, he can check that course to change its status from ‘in progress’ to accomplished.

Schedule of the coaching session

For the management of work at the workplace, the presence and absence of the workers should always be considered. So, the schedule of all the courses that a worker has taken is shared in this checklist. This is done to remind the employee about the coaching sessions he has to attend.

Training methods

Some coaching programs are online, while others are held on campus. In addition, many programs are conducted through regular workshops, whereas some are carried out traditionally. Mentioning these methods in the checklist lets the employee know how he will be trained and what mode of delivery of lectures he can expect.

Objectives of the course

The checklist clearly states the purpose of the course, and employees also become aware of the outcomes they can expect. With this, they start checking each and every outcome as they achieve them one by one.

Training completion date

The date on which the entire program will be finished is mentioned in the list.

The bottom line

All those organizations that like to make their workers competent like to use the checklist related to the training programs that are usually held for employees of the company. With the use of this tool, companies make sure that their workforce is skilled and knowledgeable. The checklist plays a big role when evaluators want to review the efforts of the employee and the company in boosting the profile of the employee and the work they have learned.