Employee Orientation Checklist Template

Orientation is a phase during which you introduce new employees of the organization to the existing ones, make them familiar with their job descriptions, help them understand company policies and rules, and most importantly welcome them with open hands.

Orientation of employees at the workplace is a necessary process to make the workplace a nourishing place for people who join it. Companies that understand the need for the orientation of their employees never miss it. Rather, they design a proper procedure to follow so that the process of orientation can take place without any trouble.

What is an employee orientation?

Orientation is a process in which an employer enables the new hires to interact with their co-workers so that they can be introduced to each other. People who work with each other are required to be comfortable in their skin so that they can share the problems they are facing at the workplace and each other grow.

Employee Orientation Checklist Template

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What is an employee orientation checklist?

A checklist is prepared before the orientation takes place. In this checklist, all the tasks listed are performed as a part of the process of orientation. People create a checklist and then use it because it helps them remain on track and also helps them complete the process of orientation. People who want to ensure that they have not missed out on anything important regarding the orientation make use of a checklist.

Importance of designing an employee orientation checklist:

A checklist is created once and then it is used every time a new person joins a company. The use of a checklist helps make sure that a proper procedure is followed and that there is nothing that is being missed. This way, an employee starts feeling comfortable and he feels that it is very easy for him to get adjusted to the new office.

Due to the use of the template, the employer can easily make sure that the productivity of the employee starts to catch up from the very first day. The employer can see the potential of the employee from the beginning.

How to design an employee orientation checklist?

Designing a checklist for a successful employee orientation may be very complicated because you might want to add so many things to it but keep the checklist brief at the same time. In general, the orientation of the employee lasts from one day to several weeks depending on the size of the company and its policies. Here are the tips to follow to design a helpful checklist:

Make a list of things to be done before the first day at the job:

Some companies start the orientation one day before the actual day of an employee on the job so that the employee feels prepared when he reaches the job. This includes introducing the employee to the timing of the company, paperwork to be done on the first day, and much more.

Make a list of activities on the first day:

Think of the things that an employee should be introduced to on the first day at the workplace so that when he starts working, he feels more confident and familiar with the system of the company. Make sure that you introduce the employee to everything that is important and should not be put off for the future.

For example, since the employee’s job starts on the first day, he/she should be introduced to the co-workers, supervisors, and managers he/she is likely to interact with on the first day. This way, the employee will start to understand things quickly.

Make a list of things to be done later on:

Sometimes, the orientation is too complex and it is not possible to cover everything on the first day.  Due to this, a few things are kept for introduction at the later stages. For instance, provision of the training to newly hired workers may not be possible on the first day. You can include them in the checklist at the end which will show that they have the least priority initially but should be accomplished later on.

Use a template:

A template of a checklist provides a ready-to-use checklist. It has been designed by professional people who know what things should be done during the orientation. Since it is an editable template, it can be modified as per the personal preferences and needs of the company.

About Template

The orientation checklist prepared using Microsoft Excel helps you remember a large list of tasks and activities for new employees’ assistance. Some of these tasks which should be included in the checklist are listed below:

  • A supervisor should be the first to greet the new workers
  • He should show them their working desk, a place to store their personal belongings
  • He must hand over the job description to the new workers
  • He should discuss with new workers, the company policy, working hours, procedures, safety hazards, duties, etc.

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Employee Orientation Checklist Template

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