Employee Orientation Checklist Template

Employee Orientation Checklist

Orientation is a phase during which you introduce new employees of the organization to the existing ones, make them familiar with their job descriptions, help them in understanding company policies and rules, and most importantly welcoming them with open hands.

The initial phase of the new workers requires training and assistance which is essential for their skill development. As the new employees are not familiar with the safety hazards, it becomes even more important for the supervisors to pay special care for their safety needs.

It is the duty of the supervisor to enlighten new workers about the goals and vision of the company. But it is not always that simple. There are surely lots of things which you need to remember each day as the orientation phase moves ahead.

About Template

An employee orientation checklist is a great tool for supervisors who want to enhance their employees’ orientation phase. It helps them in introducing new workers with the new environment in a most splendid way.

The orientation checklist prepared using Microsoft Excel helps you in remembering a large list of tasks and activities for new employees’ assistance. Some of these tasks which should be included in the checklist are listed below:

  • A supervisor should be the first to greet the new workers
  • He should show them their working desk, a place to store their personal belongings
  • He must hand over the job description to the new workers
  • He should discuss with new workers, the company policy, working hours, procedures, safety hazards, duties, etc.

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Employee Orientation Checklist Template


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