Dorm Room Checklist Template

Dorm Room Checklist

College life is always a great experience for students. At college, they face new challenges of life and find opportunities to enhance their future capabilities. But moving to a college is not always a pleasant phase for both students and parents. As children, for the first time, step into the real world moving away from their parents. During this phase, it is crucial for students to know every exact detail about moving to a dorm room.

About Template

The dorm room checklist is one of the best tools for new students who are about to start their college life. The checklist template for this purpose designed using MS Excel is a superb tool for students through which they can effectively plan their activities and supplies before moving to a dorm room. The checklist has great benefits. It helps you pack all your important stuff and never lets you forget something which is of great importance to you.

Following are some of the useful stuff which should be included in your dorm room checklist:

  • Bed lamp, alarm clock and radio
  • Study lamp, mini garbage can, portable fans
  • Mini toolbox, pillows, towels, blankets and bed sheets
  • Toothpaste and brush, perfume, soap, shampoo
  • Stationary items, cloth hanger, mattress
  • USB flash drives and other important storage kits for personal and educational data
  • Notepads, envelopes, paper clips, clothes
  • Laptop, Smartphone, headphones, camera
  • Portable TV and DVD player, small refrigerator only if it’s not already offered
  • First aid kit containing all important medications
  • And other similar items for your college needs.

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Dorm Room Checklist Template



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