Email to the Professor for Supervision in Ph.D

Although writing letters to people for putting forward any kind of request is still very useful, sending emails is the best way to communicate when it comes to communicating with professors and asking them for any favor. Students who want to pursue their doctorate program in any field need a supervisor who keeps redirecting them to the right path.

What is the email to the professor for supervision in Ph.D.?

It is a communication between the professor and the aspirant to the doctorate program in which the person who wants to carry out his research asks the professors to supervise him. Since email is the quick way of putting forward the request, those who are in search of a supervisor should write an email to various professors.

When you write an email to a professor, you first have to consider the impression that you want to put on him. In general, the content of the letter clearly describes how qualified the applicant is and whether the professor should choose him for supervising him or not.

Why it is important to send an email for research supervision?

Students of PhDs always need a supervisor who can guide them throughout the research process. The student first finds a person who can guide him in carrying out the research and then he will have to write him the email. In some countries, the student gets admission to any university in the doctorate program only when his supervisor shows a willingness to supervise him. This way, the future of the student entirely depends on this email.

Basic guidelines to write the request for supervision:

Since the future of the student depends on whether the professor chooses him for research or not, the student is required to be cautious while writing this email. The sole purpose of this email is never to convince the professor but to make him think about capabilities. Following are some guidelines to follow:

Illustrate your capabilities:

Make certain that the content of the email is strong enough to make the professor believe that you are a bright and competent person who has been blessed with the capabilities to drill deep down into things and carry out the research in an efficacious way. The professors love to supervise people who have a strong ability to learn and have strong analytical skills.

Remain clear and to the point:

Some students do mistakes and write a long email in an attempt to convince the professor that they deserve to be chosen. Always remember that you cannot add details beyond a certain limit.  Even if you want to discuss the area of your research and your prior contribution to this area, you can attach your resume with the email but never let the email become lengthy.

Give impressive details:

You might be having lots of things to share with the research professor; you are not required to share all of them. Only make your professor see the bright side of your work and your personality. Nobody is perfect and you can ask your professor to learn new things and improve Yousef in his supervision.

How to write a convincing email?

Give a subject line:

Every email contains the subject and how you add the subject and what you write in the subject is the most consideration. The subject should contain a one-line statement that can compel the recipient to open the email.

Use professional salutation:

This email also requires a proper and professional salutation to address the recipient of the email.

Body of the email:

The email should be divided into three different paragraphs each of which should not be too long. The first paragraph should be based on the introduction of the student and a description of his skills and capabilities.

In the second paragraph, you should discuss the research work that you have done previously as some professors might choose you based on how actively you publish your research work.

The last paragraph should include a formal request to the professor to ask him to work with you as a supervisor. This paragraph concludes the entire letter and therefore, should be given more consideration and attention.

Sample letter

Dear Dr. [name]

I am [name], PhD student from [department name]. I have done by BE [name of degree] and MS [name of degree] from [name] university. My area of interest has always been wireless communication. My final year project in BE was [name of the project]. In MS, my thesis topic was [topic]. I also have a journal publication in [name of journal] published on [date]. The title of my paper was [title of paper].

I am starting my Ph.D. in the field of [description]. My special area of focus would be [specialty name].  I have read your papers on [topic name] and I am a great admirer of your research in this field. I want to explore the dynamics of [area name] and I feel that you are one of the best people who can guide me. I want to work under your supervision and guidance. I would be grateful if you accept to be my supervisor. If there is any background reading you want me to get started on, please let me know. I have already gone through the following: [titles of journal publications].

Looking forward to working under your guidance,

Yours sincerely,

Email to the Professor for Supervision in Ph.D

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