Email to Professor about Missing Class/lecture

Students are required to inform their teacher about missing the class. This letter explains that why the student missed the class and whether the reason is acceptable or not.

Why it is important?

Every institute has its policies to control absenteeism. Therefore, students are not allowed to remain absent from their class and if they have a genuine reason, they should inform their teacher about it. University students often have a meeting with their professor to discuss their research or course-related matters with them. They also have to attend lectures. So, when they cannot attend the lecture, they will be required an email to the professor to let him know about their absence.

Things to remember writing an email to the professor:

Know the policy of the university:

Every university has a different policy to handle such problems of absenteeism. Before you write the email, you should know what is the policy of your institute regarding the email to your professor. Some institutes strictly forbid their students to discuss missing lecture problems with their professors via email or text message. If your institute does not impose any such kind of restriction, you can write an email.

Know your history:

Before a student sends an email to his teacher, he should ponder on how he has been behaving and whether his professor knows him as a bad student or a good student. The impact of the email on the professor also depends on the reputation of the student.

Be honest:

Make certain that you don’t have to lie or give any such statement that is not truthful. There might be a reason for you to miss the class and if concerns you, you should state that very reason. If you make a lame excuse for illness, your professor might ask you to provide the medical certificate which you will not be able to arrange easily.

Let the professor know that you are concerned:

For many teachers, the behavior of the student matters a lot. So, when they see that you are concerned about the loss of studies due to missing your classes, they will realize that you have not skipped the class deliberately. For showing concern, you can tell your professor that you have completed the work that was assigned to you.

Don’t ask the teacher to provide you with the notes:

Asking the teacher for class notes is the most annoying thing for a teacher. So, never ask him for notes. You can take notes from your classmates but never from your professor. This might make him angry and compel him to take against you for missing your classes.

Stay polite:

No matter what kind of letter you are writing to your professor, respect is the first and foremost element to demonstrate. Missing your class and talking to the professor about it is something that students are usually afraid to do, however, if it is really important to talk to the teacher, one should be wary of their tone and choice of words.

Keep the email concise:

The major difference between an email and a letter is the length of the content. Although letters written to professors are also short, email is even shorter.  You just have to write down some very important details and then make a formal request. Respect the time of your professor and don’t try to engage him in reading long content.

Don’t repeat:

It is not recommended to repeatedly ask your professor to approve your request. Simply make the request and then leave the decision on the teacher.

Basic elements of the email to the professor:

Consider adding the following details to the email to be sent to your teacher:

  1. Details of the student including name, roll number, section number, name of the department, etc. should be added to the email.
  2. Let the teacher know that you have missed your classes. Mention the dates on which you have missed the classes.
  3. Put a formal request to the teacher to accept your leave application. In case you are writing to apologize, write your apology in a professional tone and close the email with your signatures.

Sample Letter

Dear Dr. [name]

I [name] from [course name] take [subject name] with you. On [date] we had our [subject] class with you from [time] to [time]. Sir, I couldn’t attend the class because I was not feeling well. I had a high-grade fever and cough, so I couldn’t come to the university for the whole week.

When I asked my classmates about the missing work, they told me about the surprise quiz you took, which will have a weightage of 5 marks in the Finals. Sir, please take my quiz separately as missing the quiz would greatly affect my grades.

I am also completing the notes I missed in the last week so that I wouldn’t have any problem with the upcoming monthly assessments. Please excuse my absence as I was very sick and have only recovered enough to attend university this week.

Please tell me when a convenient time for you would be to take my quiz. Looking forward to your understanding.

[Your Name].

Email to professor for missing class

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