Request Letter for Inspection of Construction Project

Just like any other project, the construction project also has some requirements to meet. Whenever a project is brought to completion, the closing of working on this project is initiated. However, before the closing is done, it is ensured that the inspection of the construction has been carried out and it has been ensured that there is no issue to be resolved.

What is a request letter for inspection?

It is a formal business that in which the sender puts down a request to the receiver of the letter to visit the construction site and inspect the entire project.

Who writes it?

The construction company has many stakeholders working on a specific project. One of these stakeholders has to ensure that the client thoroughly inspects the project before the project is closed. So, they write to the client and make a request. In some companies, some special people are specifically assigned the task to correspond with the customers. They are responsible to write a formal request.

When to write?

In general, construction companies write letters and request for the complete examination of the construction site at the end of the completion of the project. However, some companies divide the task of completing the project into various chunks and then request to examine each chunk individually.

What is the purpose of writing the request to scan the project?

Regardless of the nature of the project, sometimes some discrepancies are found in the completed work after it has been handed over to the client and the company itself has closed the project. Then, it is very difficult for the construction company to go back and start working. Due to this, many disputes arise. To prevent this situation, the people working on the project request their clients to come and scan the building so that they don’t face any inconvenience after the completed work has been delivered.

Basic instructions to put down the request of investigation:

Introduce yourself:

Since you are requesting on behalf of your company, you need to show your connection with the company. This way, your request will carry weight. Mention your name, your designation in the company, and your purpose of writing.

Introduce the construction work you are referring to:

For making it easy for the client to understand your request and then write the response effectively, refer to the project and give its details. Mention the project number, the date on which it was initiated, the name of the supervisor of the work, and much more.

Inform about the completion:

Most of the requests are made after the work has been completed. If this is the case with you, inform the receiver that the work has been finished and now it is ready to be examined before it is delivered.

Ask the receiver to investigate:

In the end, make a formal request to the client to visit the site and examine each and every part of the constructed work. Request formally and politely. If the inspection was part of the agreement, refer to that clause of the agreement that was addressed to give strength to your request.

Below is a sample letter to the client after finishing the entire project successfully. This letter will help you understand how to make a request.

Sample letter of request for examination:


Name of the sender:
Address of the sender:
Name of the recipient:
Address of the recipient:

Subject: A request for inspection

I am (mention your name), working as a (mention your designation) in a (mention the name of construction company). This letter is being written to make a formal request with reference to the construction project that was initiated on 10th Oct 20XX.

It is to inform you that the construction project has been completed and it is being requested that you should inspect the construction project as per the predefined protocol.

For any questions or further information, feel free to contact me. I am waiting for your kind response.


Name of the sender
Signatures of the sender

Request Letter for Inspection of Construction Project

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