Email to Head to Excuse from Training

Email to head/boss to excuse from training is a document written by an employee to let his head/boss know that he cannot attend a certain training due to personal reasons. In this email, an employee writes his/her excuse for not attending the training and convince his/her boss that he is doing this for a solid reason. Writing an excuse letter is a professional way to let your boss know about your status of not attending an official activity organized by the office.

Email -1

Subject: Email to head to excuse from training

Dear Sir,

I hope you will be enjoying good health. Yesterday, I received an email about my training on office management skills that is going to be held from 22-04-20XX to 26-04-20XX. I am sending you this email to submit my excuse for training. Owing to some circumstances beyond my control, I am not able to attend this training session despite knowing the fact of how important this training is for me. Considering this training, I know I will be missing out on some valuable information and how terrible it will affect my performance and how unprofessional I will be looked by you. I am aware of the pain and disappointment that you will be feeling in my absence because you had nominated me for this training.

I was caught up in a sympathetic condition the day before yesterday. [Write the possible reason]. If in this condition, I participate in a training session, it will affect me negatively as I will not be able to focus on concerning things.

I have talked to the HR department and they promised me to adjust me in an upcoming training session after one month in case if you allow me. I have also attached a copy of the report as proof. Please accept my excuse and allow me to join the next training session in the upcoming month.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours affectionately,



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Email -2

Subject: Email to head to excuse from training.

Dear Sir,

I am very thankful to you for providing me an opportunity to enhance my administrative skills through the training. Yesterday, I received your email describing the schedule of training which is going to be held from 22-04-20XX to 25-04-20XX. I became excited about knowing the fact that you have nominated me for this fabulous opportunity. But these moments of happiness could not last too long. Soon after I receive your email, I came to know that I will not be able to avail of this opportunity. I had told you earlier that my wife was expecting and about to deliver. Yesterday, in the evening, I took my wife to the doctor for a monthly check-up. She told us after check-up that the delivery date is just about to come. I was mixed with surprise and shock situation when I came to know that it was 22-04-20XX, the day when my training is scheduled to be held.

I was not expecting the training and my wife’s delivery on the same date. Now, in this situation, I am to opt for one thing and I will go with my wife’s delivery. I have to be there to cope with any emergency if it occurs. Please consider my email as an excuse for training. At the same time, I submit my apology for not attending the training. I can understand the level of pain and embarrassment which you will be feeling in my absence, but you also know such circumstances are beyond the control of man. One can do nothing but accept God’s decision.

I hope you will accept my excuse and shift me to the next training batch.

Yours Sincerely,



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