Digital Marketing Quotation Letter Sample

A digital marketing quotation letter is prepared by an organization, which is providing digital marketing solutions. It is written to the client organization which is seeking or may be interested in such services. The service provider explains the advantages, the client can avail if it forms an association with it. By stating its experience and expertise, the organization attempts to convince the client for signing the contract. A clearly quoted price needs to be stated in this letter.

Digital marketing has gained tremendous demand over the last few decades. As digital platforms have become a common and successful way to attract and cater to customers, digital marketing organizations have been able to generate huge revenues by providing their services to clients.

To offer their services, and quote their price, they write this type of quotation letter. It can be written when a client demands it, or when the service provider deems the client would be interested in its services. The information may be different as per the client’s demands, the organization’s requirements and offerings, and circumstances.

  • Profile of the client.
  • Introduction of the digital marketing service provider.
  • Experience, expertise, and competitive edge of the service provider.
  • The offerings, duration, and price quotation for the digital marketing services package.
  • Convincing statements.
  • Mention any attached documents.
  • Show openness for any changes.
  • Show hopefulness for a deal.

When the service provider is preparing this letter, it should consider it as a marketing platform for itself. It can advertise its expertise in it, and convince the client for its provision of quality so that the quoted price gets justified. The competition is a great factor to consider while writing this letter. If your quotation is higher than the competitors, you should be providing something extraordinary. Otherwise, you will not be able to gain the deal.

Conclusively, after comprehensively analyzing the offered package, along with the quoted price, if it seems beneficial, the client will give a go-ahead for the further proceedings.


Dear Ms. Aieda,

As per our discussion on 5th October 20XX, I am drafting this letter to quote our digital marketing package price.

ABC Limited has been providing end-to-end digital marketing solutions for more than fifteen years. Our services are manifold and are explained in the document attached with this letter. We provide all sorts of digital services, including social media marketing, such as on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

We offer various packages, and we also offer custom solutions, in which we customize the services and prices according to the client’s needs. All the packages are listed in the attached document as well. We excel in providing quality solutions at market competitive rates. Our skilled and expert team makes us distinct from our competitors.

As your company XYZ Limited is looking for a custom digital marketing solution, our team has estimated the cost, and given the price quotation of $[X] for your short-term campaign of six months. We assure you, that through this package, all your digital marketing goals will be achieved, and your sales will get a hike immediately. The services to be included in this package are:

  • [X]
  • [Y]
  • [Z]

If you are satisfied with the customization, please let us know, so we can continue with the proceedings. If you need any amendments, please inform us about them as well.

Silvia David.

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Digital Marketing Quotation Letter Sample
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