Cover Letter Including Salary Requirement


I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing this letter to notify you that I, ___________ (the applicant’s name), am intrigued by the XYZ job offer at ABC Company. Previously, I served at [X] organization for seven years and have gained enormous experience in fieldwork.

I have had a great interest in your company since I started my employment journey, but it took me a while to apply for any position because I wanted to gain some experience so that it would smooth the approval process. During my previous employment, I learned the art of leading projects and teamwork and contributed significantly to the overall revenue of the company. I have learned a lot from great mentors, and I am interested in joining your team. My skills and qualifications match your requirements for a job applicant; thus, I am the most suitable applicant for the job.

Moreover, I am satisfied with the salary package offered by your company, along with the annual incentives. I have attached my official documents along with this letter, and I hope that I will be considered for this job. I am waiting anxiously to hear from you.


I am jotting this down to express my interest in the [X] job offer at ABC Company being advertised on social media. I have always been in awe of your company, and I consider it a dream job to have.

Before applying for my ultimate job position, I wanted myself to be qualified and experienced enough that I was the only choice for that job. My skills in negotiations, getting the job done, project management, and presentation precede me already. My enthusiasm for this field helped me secure a notable position at my previous employer in a very short time.

Although my salary package, as advertised, is not suitable for the required job description, it can be discussed further during our physical meeting.

I will be an asset to your company, given that you provide me with a chance to be a part of your team. I understand the requirements of your job, and only experienced applicants will be able to hold the fort; therefore, I request that the administration consider my application and bless me with this opportunity. I am waiting patiently to hear from you.


I hope this note finds you well. I am writing this letter to express my excitement regarding your recent job offer at XYZ organization. I have been a valued employee at ABC Company for many years, and my experience has made me capable of applying for and securing this amazing opportunity.

I graduated from [X] University and started my employment journey at ABC. My job requirements aligned with my goals, and I worked with enthusiasm to achieve them. Working with experienced mentors gave me the confidence to lead and accomplish major projects for the company, but now I would like to pursue further goals and move ahead in life. I have been keeping an eye out for such a job opening at XYZ so that I could apply and be considered. I understand that you will receive thousands of resumes for this position, but I assure you that I will be your best choice for this job.

As per your advertisement, I have no objections to the offered salary package, but annual incentives and services can be discussed further. I hope that you will consider my application and won’t wait for me for long.


I am writing this to share my heartfelt interest in the [X] job offer at ABC Organization. I have been waiting for this vacancy at your organization for a very long time, and I assure you that I will be the right fit for your team.

I graduated from XYZ University with flying colors and managed to secure a notable position based on my qualifications. During my previous employment at XYZ Company, I enrolled in my certified workshops and gained knowledge and experience. My skills in acquiring data, training employees, and leading accomplished projects have worked well for me and promoted me to a managerial position. After acquiring previous goals, I am always setting new goals to keep the bar high.

Attaining this job at the ABC organization will be another tick in my bucket. I am aware of all the rules and policies, along with the job description.

Although your offered salary package does not align with the job requirements, it can be reviewed further. I have attached all required documents with the following letter. I will be waiting to hear from you.

Cover letter with salary requirement

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