Client Database Templates

Firms and organizations maintain a record of all of their present and prospective customers using this commonly used client database. The database has a few details recorded in it so that it can be used as a future reference whenever needed. This database is used all over the world and it has rather become a tradition of modern-day business.

The tool easily records the information of the company’s customers like their personal details, buying habits or interests, their last interaction with the organization, and of course contact information, etc.

Such databases help the entity to understand the customer’s buying patterns in a better way and thus it is used to design different products based on the interests of the majority of the customers and also help the management in deciding the suitable price range based on a customer database.

Companies make wise use of this list as they simply input the details available in the list of potential customers and generate higher sales apart from satisfying them by fulfilling their needs.

This database helps in making sure that the customers are happy with the services provided by the organization and they have also provided certain services on a personal level to keep them loyal for a longer period. It can also be used as a client information sheet.


The best way to draft this template is to make it using an Excel spreadsheet. Each column in the sheet can be allocated to a different item.

For example, after starting the sheet with its name and reference, the first column should refer to the IDs allotted to each customer. Second to the full names of the clients. Both of these columns will make sure that the data of two customers are not mixed by mistake. Details like their occupations, work functions, contact numbers, and communication addresses should follow.

It is also advised to add an email address as more than one communication ways comes in handy at times. Next, in line should come the estimated sales made to each of the customers and the date on which they contacted last time. Other details can be added based on the requirements of each company.

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Client Database Template

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