Church Dissolution Letter Template

What is a church dissolution letter?

A church dissolution letter is a letter, that is written by the authority or non-profit organization, which is running and managing the church. The addressees of this letter can vary and may include the Attorney General, the public in the church vicinity, or other organizations. Although a church is a non-profit organization, yet, its dissolution is conducted legally and properly, in a step-by-step process. Any party, which may get affected by the dissolution of the church, needs to be notified about the news formally. Usually, this is done by sending the church dissolution letter.

The decision to dissolve a church may be a critical one, as it is a religious place, and hence, involve emotions. However, there can be various scenarios, in which the dissolution is the only option left. Some of the situations could be:

  • The members’ vote against the church continuance is in majority.
  • The board of directors deem dissolution inescapable.
  • The donated funds are insufficient for the effective administration and functionality of the church, as it is a non-profit corporation, and it mainly relies on the donations for the management of expenses and operations.
  • There are many churches in the locality, and the people attending the specific church services are very few.
  • Other circumstances are indicating dissolution.

What to include in a church dissolution letter?

The information included in this letter may vary based on the type of addressee of the letter as well as the scenario, in which the decision of dissolving the church has been taken. However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Date of the letter.
  • Details of the addressee.
  • Details of the addressor.
  • Notification of the church dissolution.
  • Date of effectiveness.
  • Reason of dissolution if the corporation wants to reveal.
  • The possible impacts of the dissolution on the addressee.
  • The distribution or return of any assets or belongings.
  • Show sympathy toward and understanding of religious emotions.
  • Gratitude.
  • Salutation and signature.

Once this letter is issued, within the effective date, all the relevant arrangements are completed, to make the dissolution as smooth as possible. Sometimes, the last ceremony of church services or a farewell is arranged as well, so that the regular audience can visit the church for the last time before its closure. In addition, all the assets of the church, that needs redistribution, are allocated as well.

Sample Letter Template

Eric Dane
Senator of London

Dated: 28th February 20XX

Subject: Letter for dissolution of Church at [X]

Respected Senator,

It is respectfully stated that I, [ANME], have been a permanent resident of South block in London City. I am writing this letter to draw your attention towards a specific building in the proximity of my house. The building is an old church that has suffered at the hands of natural and man-made disasters. Its building is not in proper shape and can fall anytime. It is not used for religious obligations as well as there are many other properly maintained churches in the area which are used by residents for performing religious duties.

This Church serves as a hiding shelter for drunk and homeless people. Most of the people seeking refuge are drug abusers and loot walkers for money to buy alcohol. This church building is proving havoc for the residents, and everybody is afraid to walk past it. Therefore, I request the government for the dissolution of this building. I have also approached the management of other churches to make sure that no sentiments are hurt during this dissolution.

With their consent, I am writing you to kindly consider my request. We shall all be very thankful to you.

Eagerly awaiting your response.


Patrick Dempsey
South Block, London

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