Car Booking Cancellation Letter to Company

We often get car reservations when we want to buy a new car or we need to rent a car temporarily. Car booking in advance is very important because you cannot get a car right after you have decided to have it. So, we contact the service providers to book a car for us. 

Booking a car is like a commitment with the car dealer and due to this commitment, car dealers are bound to not book the same car model for any other person once it has been booked by you. Therefore, when you decide to cancel the booking, you will write a professional letter to the dealer and inform him about the cancellation as it is their right to know that.  

What is a car booking cancellation letter?

It is a specific type of request letter that we write to the car’s outlet to request them to cancel the booking of the car. 

Why do we write a car booking cancellation letter?

Booking a car is a very simple process and sometimes, you don’t even have to visit the store you can book it via phone call or email. However, when you cancel the reservation, you will have to follow a procedure for cancellation. There are many scenarios in which people write a cancellation letter. Some of these are:

Financial problems:

You may have decided to buy a new car when you had money but now you have to reconsider your financial situation because of any reason, you hold the right to cancel the booking and wait for a suitable time when you feel that you are financially secure. 

Due to other commitments:

Although booking a car is also a commitment with a car dealer, many other commitments often lead you to hold yourself back from buying a new car. Sometimes, you wait for someone to pay you and you wait for them but this does not happen and you cancel the booking. 

Because of your unavailability:

If there are sudden changes in your schedule and you are bound to go out of the city or out of the country, you can cancel the booking of the car. 

When to write the cancellation letter?

It is important to keep the difficulties of the car dealer in mind. You cannot cancel the booking anytime randomly. If you have paid a percentage of the total price of the car while booking, you will get it back if you cancel the booking a reasonable time before you actually go and get your car. 

How to write to inform the car dealer about your decision to cancel of booking?

Consider the following…

Inform the reader about the cancellation:

At the start of the opening of the letter, mention that you want to cancel the reservation of the car. When you communicate this decision, mention the car’s details that you booked earlier including the name of the car, manufacturer’s details, model of the car, year, and much more. Furthermore, mention the date on which you canceled the booking. 

Specify the reason:

Some car dealers allow their customers to cancel the dealership only under certain circumstances. Sometimes, you may also want the car dealer to know that you have a genuine reason to take this step. Therefore, mentioning a reason can save you because it allows you to prove that you don’t do it habitually and there is a reason. 

Apologize gracefully:

You should know that your letter to inform the reader about the cancellation of the car’s booking may cause inconvenience to the reader. The car dealer may have lost the customer while he was committed to you because of your booking. So, you should say sorry and also let him know what to do with the advance payment you made at the time of the reservation. 

At the end of the letter, you can also mention whether you want to postpone the reservation and cancel it for some time or you have decided to buy another car which leads you to cancel the current booking. Don’t forget to provide your contact details at the end so that the dealer can confirm with you before actually canceling the booking. 


Car booking cancellation letter

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Car booking cancellation letter

Letter File 67 KB

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