Building Construction Completion Report Letter

Whenever a project team completes a project, a completion report is created by the project manager. The completion report is required to be made as and when you complete the project. In some organizations, no one working on the project is asked to write the completion report. However, the professional approach is that you always write this report.

What is a building construction completion report letter?

In some cases, the complete report is not written. Rather, a report letter is written. If you have worked on the construction of a building and you have overseen the entire project and you are an eye witness of the completion of the project, you can be asked to write the report letter. In simple words, when you draft a report in the format of the letter, it is known as a report letter.

Importance of the building construction completion report letter:

Completion is quite a long process that takes months or years for completion. Due to this, the completion of the construction is also given a formal status. When a building is regarded to have completed successfully, it means it is ready to use now. In the report letter, the person who has supervised the construction work tells the recipient about the completion with many other details that are important to be communicated upon the completion.

When a report letter upon the completion of construction is written, it communicates to the owner that the construction project has been completed successfully.

How to draft the completion report letter?

Use letterhead:

The construction company that completes the project should use its letterhead for writing this letter. The letterhead is used because it is a clear indication that the letter has been sent by official sources. Although the letter can be written on simple paper also, it does not get the same kind of recognition from the recipient as the letter written on the letterhead does. So, whether you send the letter in the form of hardcopy or email, always use letterhead.

Follow the format:

You should never forget the fact that writing the letter in the correct format is extremely important. So, format the letter well so that all the required details are added to the letter wherever they should be added.

Give an overview of the construction project:

In the first paragraph of the letter, give the overview of the entire project that you have just completed. The overview of the letter is always short and to the point. Usually, it comprises only 3 to 4 lines. In the overview, the background of the project is explained. In the same section of the letter, you also explain the objectives and the goals of the letter that you were initially intended to achieve.

Describe outcomes of the completed project:

In the previous section, you have explained the goals that you set initially. Now, you will tell what goals you have achieved. This is what you can say only when you complete the project. So, explain the goals achieved and let the client know how well you have completed your work. In the same section, you can explain that the constructed building also shows compliance with the regulatory rules. 

Highlight some important aspects of the project:

As a project manager, highlighting the main aspects of building construction is important. These aspects demonstrate the success of the construction company. So, you should explain the major aspect of the construction task you have focused on. From this section, the client gets insight into various aspects. 

Mention issues and challenges:

Working on every project accompanies many challenges that a construction company overcomes with the help of its strategies and skilled workers. The construction company must specify those challenges so that the client can know what it takes to complete the construction project.

The bottom line:

The tips given above can help you a lot in drafting a professional-looking report letter. The construction company is required to take the credit for the completion of the building construction in order to get the full payment from the client and add something to its record.

Sample Letter

Subject: Building construction completion report

Dear Andrew,

Being the contractor of project, I am hereby reporting that construction of great building of Martin Dow head office has been completed successfully. All the essentialities like sewage, water supply, electrical and gas connection have been provided as per requirements of the map. Execution of construction is in accordance with agreement that was signed at the time of beginning of this project. Likewise, legal bindings associated with this building and its construction have also been checked and verified by the concerned authorities.

This construction project was allotted to my team on [date]. The last date to complete this project was [date]. Most interesting thing is that we managed to complete the construction three months before the deadline. Without any exaggeration, my team members worked hard to complete the construction successfully. I am inviting you to visit the site and discuss all the details about this construction project.

Moreover, I take whole responsibility for the construction of this building. I am therefore seeking your consent to take measures and verify whether the provision of all the amenities like water, gas, electricity, and sewage work has been made in accordance with the directions or not.

I am waiting for your mail to confirm the date and time of your visit. It was one of the pleasant experiences of my life to work with professional people like you. I am happy working with you and looking forward to strengthening my business relations.



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