Billing Statement Letter for Services Rendered

A billing statement letter for the services rendered is a letter that is written by the service provider and is addressed to the client organization, which has sought and received the services. In this letter, the amount payable by the organization is mentioned, with the breakdown of the costs. In addition to that, a request is made to the client for the payment release.

The information and the length of the letter vary based on the costing, number of services, duration of services, contractual terms, advance payments, company policies, etc. However, the general template includes the following details:

  • Date.
  • Details of the service provider.
  • Details of the client/customer.
  • The details of the rendered services.
  • Dates and duration of the services.
  • Details and the breakdown of the payments.
  • Advance payments, if any.
  • Date of the full payment, as stated in the contract.
  • Request for the payment (also mention if the payment is requested at a certain date).
  • Contact details for any queries.
  • Show gratitude and seek future business.
  • Salutation and signature.

This billing statement letter does not only inform the customer regarding the money due on his part, but it also serves the purpose of a request letter. In this letter, the service provider makes a polite request along with the billing details.

Additionally, the customer organization may have to make many payments to different contractors on a continuous basis, which may make the customer forget or delay certain payments. Therefore, this letter is also intended as a reminder for the customer to release the timely payment to the service provider, as per the contract.

Although the service provider can send only the invoices to the organization, when it sends the letter along with the invoices, it looks more professional and gives a gist of the billing information. Sometimes, a customer does not have enough time to go through all the individual invoices, and this letter saves his time by providing the total amounts. At the same time, the invoices serve as evidence, which can be used by the customer to tally the amounts stated in the letter. In addition, it shows that the service provider wants to build a relationship with its customer, as it is taking the botheration of formally communicating through a letter.

Sample Billing Statement Letter for Services Rendered




Dear Ms. Sara,

I am writing this letter to provide you with the billing details of the catering and event services we delivered at your office annual function on 20th December 20XX.

The breakdown of the costs is as follows:

Food: $[X]
Tents: $BBB
Chairs and tables: $CCC
Waiters’ charges: $DDD
Lighting: $EEE
Flowers: $FFF
Music: $GGG
Miscellaneous: $[X]

The total amount was $[X]. As you have already paid 25% in advance, now the remaining payable amount is $[X].

As it was decided in the contract that you will pay us the due amount within fifteen days after the function, kindly, release our payment as soon as possible. It will be a favor if you can release it by 1st of January 20XX, as we have to make few payments ourselves to the providers of the services that we had outsourced.

All the invoices are attached with this letter. If any you have queries, kindly, contact us at [X].

Thank you in advance for the payment and thank you for choosing us. It was a pleasure serving you. Looking forward to providing services to your organization in the future as well.


Clark Steven.

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Billing Statement Letter for Services Rendered
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