Authorization Letter for Branch Office

What is an authorization letter?

The authorization letter is a kind of permission letter in which one person allows the other person to take certain actions or perform duties that the person authorizing could perform by himself but cannot due to some reasons.

Who writes the permission letter?

It is important to keep in mind that not every person has the authority to write this letter. Only those people can write this letter who have a certain kind of position or authority to allow someone to do something on their behalf. In some cases, people have to request permission, and then if they have a genuine reason, they receive the permission.

In some cases, there are a series of actions to be taken in a branch office. For instance, a branch manager can write a permission letter for the branch office so that the office remains working smoothly even when he is not around.

When to write the permission letter?

There are some situations in which the person cannot perform a set of actions because of his unavailability or health issues. In such situations, this letter can be drafted when:

  1. Something is happening in a person’s life due to which he can’t show active involvement in the things he needs to do for opening the branch office or executing anything else in the office. In such a situation, he asks someone else to act on his behalf.
  2. Opening a branch office or performing any other task in it requires running many errands that sometimes are not possible for someone because of their sickness. On the advice of their medical practitioner, they can ask someone they trust to do things on their behalf by shouldering all their responsibility after they have been handed over the authority.
  3. When a person is not aware of the course of action for opening the branch office and needs someone who has plenty of knowledge and experience of this procedure and can do things in an efficacious way without making mistakes.

How to write?

Some people don’t know how they can get the tasks completed when they are not even around. Writing a letter to designate their authority to someone is the best way to deal with such situations. Tips given below can be helpful:

  1. In the approval letter, the name of the person who is showing the green light to someone to perform certain actions on their behalf must be mentioned at the start of the letter.
  2. It should be ensured that there is nothing go missing when a complete letter of approval is taken down
  3. The details of the authority to be transferred from one person to another should always be taken down comprehensively.
  4. The details of the said branch office that is being targeted in the letter should also be given
  5. It should be ensured that the principal know the recipient’s name and other details before he trusts him and hand over his role to him.
  6. The principal must mention till when the recipient will remain in the authority to take actions in the branch office.
  7. If certain actions must not be taken by the agent, they can also be added to the letter.

The sample authorization letter for the branch office

Subject: authorization letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, (mention your name), the undersigned CEO of the company (mention the name of the company) located at (mention the address) authorize Mr. ABC to open a new branch office in XYZ city for extending the operation of the business.

Furthermore, to be clearer about the opening of the branch office, my information desk is 24/7 available for answering queries and providing information regarding this matter. I am ready to do the needful so that you can open the branch office without facing any hurdle or difficulty.

Lastly, it is a request to intimate in advance before disclosing the said information to any authorities.


Name of the sender
Sender’s designation in the company



Authorization Letter for Branch Office

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