Apology Letter for Submitting Fake Documents

When we fail to submit original or real documents and choose to go with the strategy of choosing bogus documents, we break the trust of those who believe in us. People in professional life should care a lot about their credibility which they might lose if they are seen doing something mischievous and unprofessional.

What is an apology letter for lodging bogus papers?

It is a letter that people write when they want to show that they are feeling sorry for having committed the mistake of sending fake documents to their boss. The purpose of this letter is to rectify the wrongdoing.

The company considers the submission of fake documents, a serious offense and people who provide wrong documents also lose their trust. Some companies also fire them. However, employees can still save their job and credibility if they manage to write an effective apology letter. This letter will prove that you are a humble person who dares to accept the mistake and be ready for the consequences being realistic and embarrassed.

Best practices for writing a professional sorry letter:

When it comes to conveying a message to regret to the boss, many people face a serious problem. They don’t know how they can write a letter that can make a positive impression. Some of the best practices are given below:

Explain the offense:

Don’t assume that your boss knows your mistake. Whenever you think of writing the apology letter, make sure that you explain the offense you have been charged with. The explanation should be brief and to the point.

Discuss you have realized your wrongdoing:

Make it clear in the letter what made you write the apology. The reason should be that you have realized your mistake or you have understood that things are not going to work if you submit unreal documents. When you express that you are ashamed of what you have done, the reader can feel that you will not repeat the mistake. This way, he is likely to forgive you.

Keep it simple and basic:

Some people complicate the situation by writing a complex letter of regret. They try to explain how and what has happened and doing so, the letter becomes very confusing. You are always recommended to keep your letter as simple as possible. If your letter is readable and you put the right efforts to ensure that your boss can read your mind through your letter of regret, it is more likely that he will forgive you and give you another chance.

Don’t exaggerate:

People often attempt to prove that they are ashamed and in doing so, they exaggerate so much that they look glaringly artificial. This way, you will give an impression that you are creating drama and you don’t deserve another chance.  

Read below the sample letter written by an employee to the boss/manager for submitting fake documents.  

Sample letter:

I am writing this letter to request you for accepting my apologies because I submitted fake documents in the last meeting. I know that I have made a big mistake and I am feeling sorry for showing such unprofessional behavior.

I know that I have made you feel disappointed because of this act of mine. I have taken the training of only 1 week and submitting the certificate of training 5 months is inexcusable. I could not see that it was a harmful act because I was already so much skilled in that area and only a document was required to earn. Although I did not harm anyone, I have betrayed the trust of people in the company.

I take full responsibility for my actions and I am feeling regretful for submitting a bogus certificate. I am ready to earn this certificate after taking the complete training. Please accept my sincere apologies on this matter. Rest assured; I am never going to repeat this mistake.

I have already spoken to Mr. ABC, the head of the department and he has reviewed my work profile thoroughly. Your reply to this letter will be highly appreciated.


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Apology Letter for Submitting Fake Documents

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