Apology Letter for Disciplinary Action

An apology letter for disciplinary action is written by an employee against whom disciplinary action has been taken by the management. This letter is addressed to the employer or management, in which the employee makes an apology for his unprofessional behavior and the resultant disciplinary action. As disciplinary actions can prove to have severe effects, both morally and financially, the employees often try to convince the employer to revoke them and accept the apology.

This letter is an explanation letter, which also provides a chance for the employee to explain his unprofessional and unacceptable behavior, give the proper reasoning, accept his mistake, and apologize. If the management decides to accept his apology, he can be saved from disciplinary action. Therefore, this letter should be written carefully.

A few of the considerations are:

  • It should be formal, professional, comprehensive, and not too wordy.
  • The unprofessional behavior and the reason why it occurred should be stated.
  • Acceptance and realization of the issue should be shown.
  • A clear apology and assurance of no repetition of any such behavior should be provided.
  • The tone of the letter should be apologetic, not condescending. It is important to own the mistake, and the explanation in the letter should not blame others.

Generally, the details included in an apology letter for disciplinary action are:

  • Date.
  • Details of the employee.
  • Details of the employer.
  • The issue, e.g., unprofessional behavior.
  • A clear explanation of the incidence or behavior.
  • Justification, if any.
  • Acceptance of the mistake.
  • Apology.
  • Convincing statements for apology acceptance.
  • Assurance of the avoidance of unprofessional behavior’s repetition.
  • Request for apology acceptance.
  • Salutations and regards.

This letter is kept in the employee record file for reference. If the behavior gets repeated, the employee is prone to even severe disciplinary action.

Sample Letters and Notes


Kindly accept this letter as an apology for my bad conduct that resulted in disciplinary action against me. I am penitent for behaving disrespectfully. My actions have badly hurt my colleague’s sentiments and caused inconvenience. To correct my actions, it was a mandatory step to take disciplinary action. I have mulled over my behavior, and I promise that I will not let the same occur next time. From now on, I will remain within my limits, as I have learned how to react in the same circumstances.

I apologize for disturbing my surrounding’s peace. Please let me know what I can do to redeem my actions and ensure the same will never happen again.


Dear Sir, I am remorseful for writing this email over my disrespectful behavior on [mention date]. It was unacceptable, and I will not give any justification to prove myself right. My actions were unprofessional and not in compliance with the company’s employee policy. I consider myself solely accountable for creating this disturbing atmosphere.

I have realized my mistake, and I will be sensible in my activities again. My actions have raised the question of my professional allegiance, but I indemnify that I have the same enthusiasm. This incident has aroused a layer of doubt in your mind regarding my perseverance.

I am sorry to break your trust. I believe that after working hard, I can rebuild my trust again. Please forgive me and consider my apology.


Dear Sir, I am writing this email to seek forgiveness for my inappropriate actions. I am sorry that my actions forced you to take corrective action against me. I was not meant to behave this way. All this happened due to the poor circumstances I was encountering. I am aware that any explanation will not be justifiable, and I should have kept my personal issues away from the workplace. I am penitent for not meeting the deadlines and being outspoken. This has ruined my reputation in your eyes.

I assure you that I will again regain your trust and compensate for the loss I am responsible for. I hope that you will take my apology into account. I am working a lot on ameliorating my actions.


I am writing this letter to extend my apology for behaving unethically. I am remorseful that you took disciplinary action to correct me. I behaved in a dishonorable manner. If I tell you that all this happened because of the tough time I am dealing with, then it would not be an appropriate reason to defend me. I was struggling to take the matter away from office premises, but I was so overwhelmed that I lost control over myself. I hope that, in light of this reason, you will be forbearing in sorting out the issue. I assure you that I will not repeat this act again.


I am writing this message in response to the email I received yesterday for violating workplace discipline. I am sorry for letting you take this action against me. I take full responsibility for my irrational behavior, but the circumstances I was surrounded by did not give me enough time to inform you. My mother was on her deathbed, and I was out of the city to attend to her.

I am aware that, as a responsible employee, it should be my priority to inform you of any such situation. My inopportune absence has made you go through a lot. I am extremely sorry for doing so and appeal for forgiveness from you.


Please consider this email an expression of regret for my bad behavior. It was all unintentional, and I did not mean to hurt anyone’s sentiments. I am sorry that my funny remarks made my colleagues uncomfortable. This behavior disrupted the office atmosphere, and I am ready to seek forgiveness from my colleagues to make the situation better. I am now making extra efforts to correct my actions. I know my behavior has laid aside the smooth working stream.

I will never commit such an act again. I do not want to give my colleagues another opportunity to distrust me, and I am working hard to prove myself. I request that you please accept my sincere apology.


I am writing this letter to apologize for my unprofessional behavior and the resultant disciplinary action taken on [DATE].

I was having some personal issues in my married life, which led to an angry and grumpy attitude at the workplace. Last month, when my divorce got finalized, I was really upset, and when Ms. Emily Steven came to me for a report review, I snapped at her and insulted her badly. On her complaint, the disciplinary committee decided that I should be suspended for two months, which I cannot afford financially, as a lot of my savings have already been drained in the divorce proceedings.

I sincerely apologize for my behavior. I realize that I was wrong and that I should have kept my personal and professional lives separate. I have personally apologized to Ms. Steven and requested that she revoke her complaint, which she has agreed to. I also want to request that you revoke the disciplinary action and accept my apology. I will be highly grateful to you. I assure you that nothing of the sort will be repeated. 

I look forward to hearing a positive reply. You can reach me at [contact].

Apology Letter for Disciplinary Action

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