Apology Letter for a Product being Delayed due to COVID

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses across the world used to operate. Some businesses have changed their system willingly while some were compelled to do that due to COVID-19. In an attempt to maintain social distance, many businesses have started operating online. This has increased the trend of online shopping. Everyone these days seems to be jumping on the bandwagon.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has also started to impact the online business also. People are not able to deliver their products to the intended people in time. This has created lots of trouble, especially for businesses. Businesses are required to keep the satisfaction level of their customers high so that they don’t lose them. However, the late delivery of products due to COVID-19 has put these brands in serious trouble. In this situation, the write apology letter to their customers.

What is an apology letter for products being late?

This letter is a form of written communication between the seller and the buyer when the products that are being delivered get late. When a seller comes to know that the delivery is late, they have to face the aggression and anger of their customers. In that situation, they have to write an apology letter that is likely to appease the enraged customer.

Benefits of writing the apology letter for late delivery:

The apology letter has lots of benefits. Some of them are:

  • It saves the relationship:

Every business has a relationship with its customers that needs to be kept intact so that it does not lose its customers. When a business causes inconvenience to its customers in any way, the customers are likely to get enraged, get reluctant to pay, and even switch the brand. When a business writes the apology letter, the customer comes to know that the late delivery was not a deliberate action and he is likely to forgive the business.

  • It clears everything  

Although giving reasons in the apology letter is not mandatory, when you attribute the late delivery of products to COVID-19, you give a justifiable reason. It clears everything and makes the customer know that the late delivery is not due to the negligence of the business. Rather, it is because of the pandemic that has made the entire world to suffer.

  • It makes the customers feel special:

When you write the apology letter, you tell the customer that you value him a lot, and therefore, you are writing this letter to him. In this way, the customer feels special and he is likely to trust your business in the future also.

Tips for writing the apology letter

If you write the apology letter in the wrong way, it is likely to exacerbate the situation. Therefore, you should be careful while writing this letter. Here are some tips for you to follow:

  1. Start the letter by telling the customer that you know about the late delivery and you also have the realization of the inconvenience and trouble the customer has gone through due to late delivery. This will make you come off as a person who feels for his customers.
  2. Apology in clear words without using ifs and buts. You should keep this fact in mind that any inconvenience faced by the customer due to your business directly or indirectly has no justification
  3. Tell the customer that the delivery is delayed due to the pandemic. Also mention that what exactly has caused the late delivery. The customer should be told whether it was you who delayed the product or the courier company 
  4. End the letter by thanking the customer for showing the patience

Sample letter:

Date: ——————

Respected valued customer,

We received your complaint email about the late delivery of the products that you ordered from our company. We know that it was very important for us to deliver these products to you on time and we are very regretful for being late.

We know that late delivery disappoints those who have high expectations for our company. We apologize for not being able to deliver you the products on time. Also, we assure you that this will not happen again.

We all know that prevailing conditions across the world are so uncertain. COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed every sort of business. With the spread of the contraction of the virus, there are lots of impediments and restrictions in transporting materials from one place to another. Owing to this, our courier company could not make the products reach the destination in time.

Our customers are our asset and we make it our priority to satisfy our customers. We will make sure that we deliver products to our customers on time. Thank you so much for your patience.


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