Warning Letter for Performance Improvement

A warning letter is a business letter which is written by an employer to his employee to warn him. An employee is always expected to work according to the demands of the company. Any organization can reach success only if it’s all the employees work with their full potential and performs well.

There are different aspects of a job that are associated with the performance. When someone talks about performance, there are different factors that are involved in it. Performance is very important for an organization.

It is the performance of the employees that can make it possible for the organization to reach its targets. In other words, the performance of the employees measures the success level of a company.

Every organization keeps on monitoring the performance of its employees so when they commit any mistake, the company serves them with the warning letter. The purpose of the warning letter is to let the employee know that s/he is required to amend some of his/her actions.

A warning letter is a formal business letter that is required to be written with great care. One must be very careful while drafting the warning letter as it can create many problems for the company if it goes against the legal terms.

The warning letter should not use too harsh words that can hurt the sentiments of the employee. The purpose of writing this letter is not to make the employee feel insulted but to make him aware of his performance which is not up to the mark.

The tone of the letter should not be too light or casual. A letter written in too light tone will not let the employee feel the seriousness of the matter. The letter should be started with a brief description of the employee’s performance that is not liked by the company.

It should state that this letter is a warning letter. A professionally written warning letter is the best document if you want to bring your employee back on track.

Sample Letters


This letter is a warning for your bad performance. As you know, this is that time of the year when we conduct performance appraisal for all our employees. You have been one of the oldest employees we have, and we have a lot of expectations from you. In the past few months, your performance has not been at par. Your manager has discussed it with me before as well. We wanted to give you some more time to improve before issuing an official warning. Unfortunately, no improvement has been observed.

Please take this letter as a warning and we are looking forward to improving performance from your end.

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Please consider this letter as a warning letter for your poor performance in the last quarter. We have been setting targets for all the sales team to achieve in the following quarters. Before setting up these targets, a mutual discussion has always been conducted among the employees to make sure that they can contribute and make sure that the targets seem achievable. Not only that you did not achieve even half of your targets, we did not even receive the report from your end. We have given you a verbal warning before as well. please consider this as a final warning and work on improving your performance in the future.

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