Warning Letter for Failure to Secure Information

Have you ever dealt with a situation where someone has betrayed your trust by not keeping your secret to himself? These are the questions with which we deal in our everyday life. Normally we move on while ignoring the situation. But what if it happens in your workplace? Now this calls for something different. In our routine life, we can ignore things but in our workplaces, we can certainly not do so. Workplace conflicts are to be handled differently.

In workplaces, if you observe someone behaving or acting in a manner that is harming the company’s environment we normally began by first having a talk with the person and warning him verbally of his actions. But, if the individual fails to comprehend what was expected of him, there arises the need of issuing him a Warning Letter.

A warning letter is a piece of document drafted by the employer in the name of the respective employee (who is causing problems) in order to warn him to stop his actions there and then otherwise serious action may be taken against him/her. This can even lead to termination of the employee if matters get worse. A warning letter is the first step put forward in resolving a pertaining issue.

The employer by issuing the letter warns his employee of his action detailing the reasons which have caused him to draft the letter. It must be kept in mind that while writing a warning letter one’s tone should not be harsh enough to hurt others’ sentiments. The problem should be detailed in a very professional yet not harsh tone. One should also encourage its employee but telling how faithfully he or she has worked for the organization and how their relationship has been over the said time span.

The employee should further give him/her a warning to stop his/her actions and thus stating that if he/she does not do so serious action will be taken. In the end, the letter should be closed on a positive note.

Sample letter

TRG Group of Companies

Mr. Sam

TRG Group of companies

Dated: 15th July, 20XX

Subject: Warning letter for failure to secure information.

Dear Sam,

It is a matter of deep concern that you have very carelessly lost all the information concerning the Fisheries Project. It was reported that you had left the file of the project in your dustbin and the very next day when the cleaner came it became a part of the trash. Unfortunately, you do not have any back up of the same as declared by you.  Sam, this is the second time in a row that such carelessness has been reflected by you. Earlier it was ignored by us.

Sam, you have been a consistently good employee of the company. You are a hard worker which we not only regard but appreciate too. But your recent behaviors are harming the company’s repute which is certainly not tolerable.

Through this letter we intend to warn you of your carelessness otherwise serious action will be taken against you.

We hope to see a positive change in you and work with you in future endeavors.

Yours Sincerely.

MR Greg
TRG Group of Companies.

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