Tenderer Information sheet

To evaluate the relative merits of each sector, different tender processes are dealt with by the information commissioner. The main purpose of using the tenderer information sheet is to solve all the disputes that the tenderer may face regarding the tenders. The general principles regarding the tender are mentioned in the sheet just to let the tenderer know about the tender agreement. The principles and information in the sheet can be changed according to the circumstances. The main elements of the tendered information sheet are:

Conditions for tender:

The tender processes are usually governed by specific conditions which must be fulfilled by the tenderers. One of the major things that are specified in this section is to specify what type of information will be made public. Generally, the conditions include the disclosure of certain types of information related to the tender process. It clarifies that the information related to the tender will be kept confidential by the tenderer, however; the tenderer is bound to disclose the information to the tender governing body, however; the tender governing body can keep anything confidential.

Types of information from tender documents that will not usually qualify for exemption

There are some matters which are included in the tender process but are not exempted. Such matters include the total prices of goods and products that are required to be supplied, a commercially sensitive breakdown of costs, and also the matters that represent the legislative obligations. There is also some other information that is not exempted, for example, the information which is taken from the sources in the public domain. Some other items and information can also be exempted based on the application of the tenderer for exempting anything.

The commercially valuable information

There is a type of information that is considered sensitive information on a commercial basis and gets a special value from the tenderer. the sensitive information may be:

  1. A piece of information that no business wants to disclose to others
  2. The methods or procedures which are used by any business to make it provide the products and services to the customers more quickly and reliably, more cheaply and also to provide such type of products which are of high quality than the products of competitors.
  3. The customers who demand the special type of product are also considered sensitive information

Usually, the information that is included in the information sheet contains general information that is outdated or of no use at that time. The details of the tenderer are also mentioned in the information sheet.

Business affairs:

The information that is usually provided by the tenderer is related to the business and also related to some affairs of the business. The information mentioned satisfies the requirement for exemption. There should be a reason for disclosing a certain type of information. The disclosure of sensitive information can hurt the business, however; not every type of information causes harm to the business.

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Tenderer Information sheet
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