Project Punch List

A project punch list is a document that is prepared when the project is near to end. In the punch list, those items are added which do not conform to the specification which was specified in the contract after the completion of the project.

A punch list usually includes all those items that are required to be addressed before the project reaches completion. When you have prepared a complete list, you will be able to get a complete understanding of the details that are remaining.

Usually, a contractor tries to get an overview of the punch list by meeting the clients. The client should visit the site to get a complete understanding of all the tasks which are still incomplete. The walk-through of the punch list should not be used by the client at the discovery session. Visiting the site before the meeting makes the client ready for the questions that can be asked. It is sometimes very important to make sure that you have met all the expectations of the client.

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The list also includes the incorrect installations to present materials or structures. The contractor takes the punch list and makes it an agreement between him and those people who have taken the responsibility to fix the issues listed.

It is very important to get familiar with the plans and specifications of the project when you have decided to make the punch list for the project. The items that were forgotten to bring in the project along with those items which have any kind of fault should be considered again.

The list is prepared at the point when the project developer has made a lot of decisions regarding the project. The punch list is the final overview of the project to check for all the errors before the final delivery.

The list is usually required at the request of the contractor when he wants to have a final inspection. The contractor provides the client with the list of items that are required to be corrected or repaired. When such a list is provided by the contractor, the client then takes a review of all the items that have been mentioned in the list and checks if the project is near substantial completion.

This is very important because the contractor pays the money based on the punch list after reviewing the items on the list. Usually, it is prepared by the contractor when he wants to get paid after proving that the project is almost complete.

A punch list is mostly used for projects that are related to the construction. You can prepare a simple and easy-to-use punch list by the use of an application. There are several apps ranging from simple mobile apps to comprehensive websites.

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Project punch list

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