Taxi Receipt

Traveling from one place to another by using public transport is a common practice. Traveling via public transport can be an exciting and worst experience as well. Waiting at the bus stop for the bus and then not finding a seat on the bus is a bad thing that almost everyone experiences. If you have to reach somewhere in time and you don’t want to wait for the bus for hours, you can hire a taxi.

Taxi or cab service is a very easy way of a commute if you don’t have a car of your own. It is also an easy and reliable way to commute when traveling in a new town or country.

Some taxi drivers don’t give receipts which can be problematic afterward, especially if you are traveling abroad. A taxi receipt is an important instrument for people traveling broadly as it can be used as a record.

What is a taxi receipt?

A taxi receipt is a formal document used by taxi drivers when they want to bill their customers. A taxi receipt shows that the taxi driver has charged the ride of the customer from source to destination.

If you are in a new city and you lose your luggage or want to revisit a place then a taxi receipt can come in handy. Not just that but even people who live in a city can find this receipt equally useful. The basic purpose of a taxi receipt is as follows:

  • To track your route afterward
  • To keep a record of all the taxi services you used so that you can use it for official reimbursement
  • To reorder a given taxi service from the contact information given on the receipt

A licensed and authentic  taxi company has a proper printed taxi receipt with the following data:

  • The name of the company
  • The address of the company
  • The contact number of the company
  • The name of the driver providing you service
  • The license number or code of the company
  • The place you traveled from
  • The place you traveled to
  • The rate charged
  • The signature of the person who received payment.

The format used for taxi receipts can be found and printed using a taxi receipt template.

What should be included in the taxi receipt?

The driver can make this receipt by adding the following details:

  1. Name of the customer
  2. Name of a taxi driver
  3. Source name
  4. Destination name
  5. Total time is taken to complete the ride
  6. Total distance covered
  7. The total amount of fare charged by the driver

If the driver wants to add other details or additional notes in the receipt, the taxi receipt template can be customized for this purpose. When the customers pay the fare amount to the driver, the driver is required to issue the taxi receipt to the customer to keep proof of the fare that has been paid.

Taxi is another type of transport vehicle in which four passengers at a time can travel. The fare you are required to pay to the taxi driver depends on the total distance you cover and the time taken by a driver to wait for you.


No matter you are in need to travel a long distance or to a nearby area, the taxi driver will issue you a receipt when you pay him the fare. This receipt is useful for him because, at the end of the day or month, he can see how much he has earned.

The taxi receipt template can be downloaded by the taxi driver. He can then print it and keep multiple copies of it in order to bill his customers.

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