Student Registration Forms

Student Registration Form

A student registration form is filled by the student himself or by the parents of the students at the time of admission in any school or college. The information which the student is required to give in the form is the name, age, date of birth, class in which he/she wants to take admission, father’s name, home address, phone number and other contact details, date of admission and the information about the previous institute. The registration form available in any educational institute may vary because there is no specific format to be followed and each institute has its own standard and requirements for the form to be filled.

Any educational institute asks the guardian of the student to fill the form to complete the process of registration so that it can plan and provide its best services to students. The report of the student is also sent to the parents on the address mentioned in the registration form. One of the main parts of the student registration form is the logo of the Institute. Many institutes print the logo on the top right or the left corner of the form, however, it can also be imprinted on the center of the page. The logo is the identity of the form. The instructions for the student who is going to fill the form are given at the back side of the page. The documents which are needed to be attached with the form are also enlisted after the instructions. Some forms also include the dos and don’ts for filling the form.

A student registration form is a piece of document which is presented by any educational institute to the student in order to provide his complete information. Usually, the form is filled by the parents or other guardians of the student, however; the student can also fill it if needed.

The student registration form comes with a number of questions and empty spaces are also given for answering those questions. The guardian or parents of the student will be asked to give the main details of the student such as name, contact details, scholarship details, date of admission etc. The guardian will also be asked to give some details about him.

About Template

There are lots of ready-made templates of student registration form that any institute can use. These templates not only save time but are also completely free. The user can customize them basis on his needs. These templates can be downloaded in MS Excel form or pdf form. The guardian of the student or whoever is filling the form should take their time in reading the form completely and carefully so that they can know about their personal information which they will have to disclose to the Institute.

The documents that will be needed to attach with the form are previous results of the student, school leaving certificate and other certificates that can prove the identity of the student such as birth certificate etc. the identity card of parents and many other.


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Student Registration Form


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