Secret Santa Messages to Friends

Secret Santa messages to friends are the messages that are written by Secret Santa and are attached to the present given by Secret Santa. This message is sent by the gift sender (Secret Santa) and is addressed to the friend for whom one is a Secret Santa.

Secret Santa is like a game or gift exchange, which is done in a secret manner. Secret Santa can be celebrated with a group of friends, family, colleagues, etc. It can be initiated in different ways, one of such is the balloting method. A group of friends can write their names on the pieces of paper, and then everyone can randomly pick a piece of paper and keep the name secret. Each Secret Santa (without revealing his/her name) will then give the present to the assigned name.

Usually, friends (such as Secret Santa) like to attach a message along with their gift. A Secret Santa message may include different details and may be sent for various reasons, such as:

  • To show fun and excitement.
  • To show emotions, feelings, or care.
  • To give Christmas wishes and prayers.
  • To give hints for guessing the name of Secret Santa.
  • To indicate the pleasure of having been chosen as the person’s secret Santa.

Usually, such messages are short and concise. However, the length may depend on the sender as well as the strength of the relationship between the sender and the receiver. For instance, if the person is only an acquaintance, Secret Santa might just concisely wish him in the attached message. On the other hand, if the person is a close friend, the secret Santa might want to write a detailed message of wishes and prayers.

Sample Secret Santa Messages to Friends

  • Merry Christmas! I bought you your favorite mug! Guess who I am!
  • I wish you a joyful Christmas! Love from your secret Santa.
  • Your secret Santa hid your gift in your home! Find it and have a fun-filled Christmas!
  • Do you think you know me? Well, keep guessing your Secret Santa’s name! Have a wonderful Christmas and a joyful holiday!
  • I know you for as long as you can remember, and I know your favorite perfume brand is Chanel! Guess my name! Sending another perfume for your collection! Enjoy!
  • Your Secret Santa wishes you the best of happiness, and a wonderful life full of surprises. May God protect you on this day and forever and grant you all that you deserve! Merry Christmas!
  • The balloting for Secret Santa was fun! Who knew I would get your name?! I was secretly wishing for your name and wanted to gift you the best present. I put a lot of effort into your gift and tried to find your favorite book. I hope you like it! Have a good read and a wonderful Christmas! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
  • Your secret Santa has planned a treasure hunt at your home! I have hidden five presents in different nooks and corners of your home! Find and count! Enjoy the treasure hunt and try to guess my name after opening all the presents! I bet you simply cannot! Have a happy Christmas!
  • I wish you have a smile on your face after opening this present, as I have tried to give you the best. Your smile means a lot! See you at Christmas! Happy holidays!
  • Being your secret Santa was so much fun for me. To me, Christmas is all about giving love and happiness. I have tried to do so through this gift. I hope you like it! I do not need a thank you, I only want a smile on your face! Merry Christmas!
  • It is the time of the year when everyone is buying presents for others. I wanted to go the extra mile and write this note to you so that you would know how much you mean to me! Although you do not know who I am right now, I am certain after opening your gift from your Secret Santa, you would instantly guess my name. My prayers and wishes for you are endless. I wish you all happiness, health, and the best of everything! Have the best Christmas and wonderful holidays! Would wait for your guess! Merry Christmas!
  • I secretly admire you and love you. I know you do not know about my feelings, and for you, I am just a friend. I got chosen as your Secret Santa, which I am taking as a hint from God. So, I have two surprises for you this Christmas. One is this gift, and the other is that I am going to confess my feelings to you on Christmas Eve. I hope you will not reject me. Keep guessing my name, and I am keeping my fingers crossed. Merry Christmas! Can’t wait for Christmas Eve!
Secret Santa message to friend