Secret Santa Clues

What are the secret Santa Clues?

It goes without saying one of the most popular and most played games on the event of Christmas is Secret Santa. It is one of those activities in which people of every age group like to participate, because, those who do not want to receive Christmas gifts anonymously.

As a matter of fact, secret Santa game is all about the mysteries to be resolved. People who receive gifts spend hours trying to figure out who has sent them the gift anonymously. Many people also send clues along with gifts because they want to be identified.

When it comes to giving the clues, there are certain ideas that you can steal from the internet. However, your creativity can also help you with this matter a lot. Your creativity will help you design your clues in such a way that you will be able to give your information to the other person so that he can identify you after getting some clues.

When you have to give clues, you should make sure that you do it meticulously so that you give the other person a hard time. Here are some tips to follow while giving the clues:

  • Give some solid hints

It is often said that it is so foolish to reveal too much information while giving clues. The clues should not be too easy to guess. However, not giving the right clues can also ruin the entire game because you will not be able to enjoy the game truly. It is recommended to give some solid clues. The solid clues are neither too revealing nor too brief. They should be helpful for the reader in guessing your name

  • Give the other person chances

While giving the clues, it should be kept in mind that this game is just being played for fun and it has nothing to do with winning or losing. You should also keep this fact in mind that the other person does not have magical powers to guess your vague clues.

Your clues can also be based on the type of relationship you have with the person you have sent the gift anonymously. For example, you have sent the gift to your co-worker who you know hardly interacts with you, you should not give too complicated clues that he cannot even think of you.

  • Send gifts with a clue

If you think that you should play this game in a slightly different way just because you want to take it to another level, you can send a gift to the person with the clue. The gift should be inexpensive and something very simple and small that you think can portray you. Then you can tell the reader that the gift you are sending with the clue will be helpful for him in guessing the name of the person. Remember that you don’t have to send costly gifts with the clue as you may have already sent the expensive gift anonymously to that person.