Salary Adjustment Letter

Salary is an important part of an employee’s work. In fact, it may be one of the most important parts. People work to get paid. If they are not paid well, they will not be happy and may be looking for another job.

What is a Salary Adjustment Letter?

A salary adjustment letter is a letter that states a pay adjustment or change in an employee’s pay rate or net income. The employee’s hourly wage can be changed, as can their salary. This letter states this adjustment clearly.

The salary adjustment letter has the following advantages:

  • Allows an employee to professionally ask the employer to adjust their salary.
  • It can be kept as proof that the employee asked for a salary adjustment.
  • The employee can keep this letter and consult it when needed.

Salary Adjustment Note/emails


I hope you have been enjoying good health. This note is to let you know about your sensational work as an IT administrator. Keeping in view your exquisite adherence, the organization has pronounced an escalation in your monthly salary prior to [mention date].

Salary adjustments are as follows: [Add details]

In the same way, I am enlivened to break the news that anomalous impressions will earn fringe benefits. If you render the same impersonation for two quarters, you will be entitled to secure the best employee tribute. This will also add to your yearly emolument. The organization regards your incredible performance and dedication and has high hopes for you.


This note is about the salary adjustment you asked for. The organization appreciates your efforts. Please feel delighted to know about the acceptance of your salary increase request. Your enthusiastic performance has been applauded by the management, and for this, a grant of 30% will be added to your salary.

From [mention date], you will get the corrected salary. We take into account our employee’s benefits for the company. This appreciation encourages the employees to keep going with the same stamina. We regard your hard work as having favorable outcomes. We are anticipating your accomplishments.


I am writing this to let you know of your salary increment based on your thrilling work execution. Your assiduous work performance has notably contributed to the institute’s success and earned it a good name. The manager, for this reason, has agreed to make a sufficient increase in your salary. Please accept this as an expression of appreciation. I believe this adjustment will motivate you to work more efficiently.


I hope you have been enjoying good health. This email serves as an official note for your salary adjustment based on your exhilarating performance. You provided justification for your cooperative manager post and made the organization proud. The company has decided to make an increase of 30% in your monthly salary as a reward for your commitment and dedication towards work.

This effect will take place from [mention date], and the same consistency will result in more profit. The company values your dedication and sincere efforts, and this stamina will lead to a bright future for the organization.


Please accept this message as a note from the accounts department regarding your exuberant expertise as a manager’s assistant. I am delighted to announce that your efforts have been recognized and your scale has been upgraded. Seeing your work on new posts will open new avenues of venture. The organization needs your adherence to work to carry out smooth work functions. I hope you will be satisfied with the pay increase.

You are directed to meet Mr. ABC on [mention date] to learn more about your salary status. Your employee portal has also been updated. Your new position is quite challenging for you, and it depends on how you cope with it. You can consult Mr. ABC at any time to seek official guidance. Please send us a signed copy of this note to confirm your consent to our policies.


I hope you have been doing well. This email is to inform you of your salary adjustment effective from [mention date]. Your performance as the cooperative officer was under the manager’s surveillance, and he is satisfied with your working skills. You performed extraordinarily well and broke all previous records. Your hard work has set an example for many other employees that determination never goes wasted. The decision to adjust your salary is one of higher authority.

Your name has been shortlisted in the best employees’ category list, and I am sure you will make us proud by winning this award. Our doors are always open to assist you in any matter. I wish to see you go far in your career.


Please note that as of [mention date], you will get a 20% increase in your salary. This decision has been made after observing your incessant efforts for the organization’s progress. After this change, your new salary will be [mention amount], inclusive of all general profits.  We thank you for coming up with the expectations of the company’s standards. I hope you will continue working with the same spirit and will perform your duties honestly.

Sample Letters

Letter -1

I am John Meezo, a junior manager in the HR department. I have been working for XYZ for six years. I humbly request a salary adjustment from you.

My current pay is [AMOUNT] along with one annual bonus. Considering my hard work for the organization, I feel I deserve a raise. I have been working as an efficient and professional employee and have delivered multiple successful assignments during these six years of service. In addition, I have also been filling in for the Senior Manager during his absence. I would really appreciate it if you acknowledged all my contributions and considered my salary adjustment request.

I eagerly wait for your response.

Salary Adjustment Letter

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Letter -2

ABC Corporation congratulates you on completing a decade with us. We appreciate and acknowledge your services. You are being offered a salary adjustment. The company has given you an increment of [AMOUNT] for your basic salary along with an additional [AMOUNT] for fuel charges. This adjustment will take effect on September 25, 20XX.

We hope you continue to serve us with the same dedication and loyalty. It is an honor to have you as a part of our team.

Once again, congratulations on your achievement.

Salary Adjustment Letter

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