Change in Policy Letter to Staff

All activities occurring in an office or institution need to be handled carefully so that no problem occurs later on. Everything needs to be done properly and professionally. All important points should be addressed to the staff appropriately.

What is a Change in Policy Letter to Staff?

A change in policy letter to staff is a letter that informs employees of some change in policy that is occurring or has happened in the company, organization, etc.

If you need to create a change in policy letter to staff, you can consider the below points:

  • Microsoft Word– The change in policy letter to staff is a formal letter and so can be made in Microsoft Word.
  • From– Begin by stating who the letter is from. It will have the name and contact details of the company, etc.
  • Date– The date that this letter has been written needs to be stated clearly.
  • To– The details of who the letter is to should be given clearly. This is for the staff.
  • Subject– State the subject in one line. The subject will be something like “Notification of change in policy.”
  • Address the employees– You can address the employees. This can be done like “To All Employees.”
  • Letter– Start by informing the employees that you wish to tell them of some changes which have occurred in the functioning of the organization, group, etc. State when these changes are effective by. You will need to tell what the changes are. You should clearly mention all the changes that have been made in the present policy. It should be simple for the employees to understand these. You should be concise and also detailed. You may put these in point form. In the next paragraph state that you hope that the employees will follow the changes like they have followed the previous ones. State that you apologize for any inconvenience. End by thanking the employees for their cooperation.
  • End– End the letter with “Regard” then the name and designation of the concerned individual or persons. If it is some department like the human resource one, then state this.


The advantages of a change in policy letter to staff are:

  • Is a formal and professional way to inform employees of any changes that have occurred in policy
  • It is necessary to communicate the company’s codes and if these have changed, this can be done with this letter
  • Is proof that the employees were informed of changes

Employees need to know of any changes in policy like changes in paid leave, worker evaluation, social media usage, etc. These are important things and if any alterations have occurred it is necessary that employees are known of these clearly. This can be done with the help of a change in policy letter to staff. You can consider the above points if you need to make this letter.


Sample Letters

Letter -1

This is an official notification regarding the change in the company’s policy about the use of the company’s official vehicles. The employees are no longer authorized to use these vehicles without written official permission signed by the Head Manager.

All employees must abide by the new rule. This change has been made owing to reports about the misuse of the company’s vehicles on several occasions. The new policy has been introduced in order to make sure that this does not happen in the future. The vehicles are sole to be used for official purposes as approved by the Head Manager.

Letter -2

This letter is to notify all employees regarding the company’s policy changes. Kindly go through the attached details about the said changes and abide by the new policies.

Please contact the HR Manager for any queries.

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