Change in Policy Letter to Staff

All activities occurring in an office or institution need to be handled carefully so that no problems occur later on. Everything needs to be done properly and professionally. All important points should be addressed to the staff appropriately.

What is a Change in Policy Letter to Staff?

A change in policy letter to staff is a letter that informs employees of some change in policy that is occurring or has happened in the company, organization, etc.

If you need to create a change in policy letter for staff, you can consider the following points:

  • From: Begin by stating who the letter is from. It will have the name and contact details of the company, etc.
  • Date: The date on which this letter has been written needs to be stated clearly.
  • To: The details of who the letter is to should be given clearly. This is for the staff.
  • Subject: State the subject in one line. The subject will be something like “Notification of change in policy.”
  • Address the employees: You can address the employees. This can be done like “To All Employees.”
  • Letter: Start by informing the employees that you wish to inform them of some changes which have occurred in the functioning of the organization, group, etc. State when these changes are effective.
  • End: End the letter with Regard,” followed by the name and designation of the concerned individual or persons. If it is some department, like the human resources one, then state this.


The advantages of a change in policy letter to staff are:

  • It is a formal way to inform employees of any changes that have occurred in the policy.
  • It is necessary to communicate the company’s codes and if these have changed, this can be done with this letter
  • It is proof that the employees were informed of the changes

Sample Letters

Letter -1

This letter is in regard to the ABC Company’s transport services for its employees on the early morning shift. The company has made a change in its policy, and the employees working from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. will avail themselves of the transport service. There will be a service to pick them up from their homes and then drop them back. We have three separate buses for the employees working the night shift. Please check the bus point routes and be present at your respective stop on time.

All the employees must know that the bus will only stop on its fixed route. If you witness any unforeseen incident on the bus, then please bring it immediately to your supervisor’s attention. I hope you will read all the clauses carefully. Thank you for your time.

Letter -2

Please take this letter as an official notice regarding the medical policy changes for all employees. This change has been made to fortify our worker’s physical and mental health. It is compulsory for every worker to get a yearly checkup. Any employee found not to be in compliance with this policy will be responsible for its repercussions.

The company has a team of expert physicians who will regulate the checkup. Every worker should update his data on the medical portal and submit it within a week. This change will be in effect from [mention date]. Thank you for working effortlessly for the company’s well-being.

Letter -3

I am writing this letter to update you on the new policy for late-coming employees. Every employee is subject to this policy, and violations of it will bear severe consequences. All employees must report to work before 8:30 a.m., and latecomers will pay a fine. It had become the need of the hour to impose fines on latecomers, as there are dozens of employees who come late.

To ensure the smooth running of the organization, all employees must contribute enthusiastically. Our main motto is to maintain discipline, and we emphasize to our workers that they should be professional.

I hope that with this new policy, we will be able to secure an eminent position, and it is possible only because of your contributions. It is mandatory for every employee to comply with this policy. I am looking forward to working with a strong team.

Letter -4

I am writing this letter to inform you about our new policy that will be implemented on [mention date]. You all know that technological advancements have made the world a global village. To acquiesce to new expansions, you all must adhere to our policy change. You will face some inconvenience at the start, but to make your work standard, it was a necessary step to take. Complying with it will enable us to achieve our set targets in no time. I am grateful to you for your sincere efforts, and we value your contribution. For additional information, you can contact Mr. Smith Steward in the administration office.

Letter -5

Dear employees, please note that we have made some alterations to employees’ monthly leave policies. This change will officially take effect on [mention date]. We had no strict policy previously regarding leave, and everyone misused it. Now, the company will keep a proper record of your leaves. If any employee intends to take leave, he will send an email to the accounts office. The application will be approved with management’s consent. There will be a certain number of leaves every employee will be given.

I hope that the implementation of this policy will manifest a lot of positive change and ensure a healthy environment. Please send us a signed copy of this message before [mention date]. For any information, you can reach out to the help desk.

Letter -6

As you all know, our IT Company has launched new software, and from [mention date], a training session will take place. This session will be helpful for your professional growth and will cover your needs. Please ensure your attendance at the session. It has become part of our policy that without this training, you cannot continue your job with us. I hope you will comply with the policy. Thanking in anticipation.

Letter -7

This is an official notification regarding the change in the company’s policy regarding the use of the company’s vehicles. The employees are no longer authorized to use these vehicles without written official permission signed by the Head Manager.

All employees must abide by the new rule. This change has been made due to reports about the misuse of the company’s vehicles on several occasions. The new policy has been introduced in order to make sure that this does not happen in the future. The vehicles are solely to be used for official purposes as approved by the Head Manager.

Letter -8

This letter is to notify all employees regarding the company’s policy changes. Kindly go through the attached details about the said changes and abide by them.

Please contact the HR Manager with any queries.

Change in Policy Letter to Staff

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