Requesting HR for an Employment Certificate

Sample #1

I am Jacob Robin, and I am writing this email to ask for my employment certificate. I have been working as a sales assistant for three years in your organization. I have to buy a property, and they have asked me for my employment proof. Kindly issue me a certificate mentioning all the minute job details for the issuance of the property. This will be a kind gesture, and I will be thankful to you. For more queries, you can contact me, and I will provide all the related documents to you.

Sample #2

I hope things are going well on your side. I have been offering my services as a research assistant at your institute for quite some time. I applied for a scholarship at ABC University, and fortunately, I have been shortlisted. They had me provide proof of research assistance for further processing. I will move to ABC University to pursue a higher degree next month. I will work with you until [mention date]. Kindly provide me with the employment certificate so I may continue my studies. I would be thankful to you for your kind support.

Sample #3

Respected Sir, I am Matthew Arnold, and I was part of your enterprise from [mention date] to [mention date]. I worked in the position of assistant director for five years and equipped myself with new skills. My family was moving to Canada, so I had to move there, and I left the job. I need my previous employment certificate to apply for a job here. I was a diligent and resilient employee, and I deliberated on all the tasks professionally. You were quite satisfied with my work performance. I request that you please mention all the achievements I earned as an employee under your surveillance. I would be thankful to you for this favor.

Sample #4

This message serves as a formal request to ask for an employment certificate as I am moving to Alaska with my family. I worked as a media representative for your corporation for four years. I have gotten better job opportunities from a company in Alaska. They have asked me to provide them with my job experience as proof. It would be so kind of you if you did this by the end of this week. I humbly thank you for giving thorough consideration to this request.

Sample #5

I hope you find this email in good health. I am Samuel Rocks, accounts manager at ABC Organization. I am writing this letter for my employment certificate from the time I joined. I have to open a new account at ABC Bank, and for this purpose, I have to submit some documents. The employment certificate is a must-have document. I request that you please grant me a certificate so I can get it submitted in due time. My salary is expected to be credited, and this process needs to be done before [mention date]. My employee ID is ERP-22. For more queries, you can contact me. I would be thankful to you if you did this as early as possible.

Sample #6

I have had the privilege of working for your esteemed organization for two years. I was sales director and spent tremendous time here. Due to some medical reasons, I had to quit this job. I have to move to Canada for my free treatment. I need my previous job certificate to send to ABC Hospital Canada. This is necessary for the continuation of my treatment. Kindly do me a favor by issuing me the certificate. This would be a great act of kindness. I will wait for your positive response.

Request email to HR for an Employment Certificate

Sample #7

I am John Stein, working as a Biochemistry lecturer at your institute. I have been on this post since [mention date]. Recently, I applied for a research scholarship program at ABC Institute, and I have been chosen for this program. This program consists of three months of training at the country’s different research institutes. This will enable me to excel in this field, and I will proudly transfer this knowledge to my students. I am writing you this message for my experience certificate. I have to email them my documents before [mention date]. I would be humbly grateful to you if you considered my request.