Request Letter to Change Salary Transfer Method

Changing the salary transfer method is not so complicated process. However, if the company is big enough, it can take time. The best thing to do a request for this change is to write a letter to the HR department which is responsible for carrying out the process.

There can be many reasons why you will have to write the request letter for changing the salary transfer method through a bank account.

As an employee, you may want the company to transfer your salary from one bank account to another. You may also want the salary to be transferred to bank accounts around the world.

It is very easy to use a bank account for transferring the salary. Most companies prefer using this method. The salary transfer through a bank is more secure and safe because the sender and receiver both identify with each other.

Tips for writing this letter:

  1. The letter should be started with a right salutation
  2. Keep the letter to the point and concise
  3. Add the details about your account where the company sends the salary
  4. Add the details of the method that you want to use for the salary transfer
  5. Add all your personal details so that the reader can identify you
  6. Add the subject in the letter at the top to make it easy for the reader to know what this letter is.
  7. Keep your tone polite and formal
  8. Write the letter on the letterhead of the company to keep it a more formal look

Sample letter -1:

Dear Sir,


This letter is a formal request letter for changing the salary transfer method for me as the current method is not so convenient. The forms, my new account details, my salary slip, and some other related documents have been enclosed with the letter. I will appreciate your timely attention to this issue. I can be reached easily through my phone number [312-xxx-0987] and my email address [EMAIL].


Request Letter to Change Salary Transfer Method via Bank Account

Size: 24 KB Format: MS Word

Sample Letter -2

I am writing this to change my salary transfer method. Since I have joined the company I have been withdrawing my salary in cash. As per the government policy and employment laws, this method of receiving the salary may cause problems for both the company and myself. Therefore, I would request to change my salary transfer method via bank account.

My bank account details are attached to this letter.

Request Letter to Change Salary Transfer Method

Size: 24 KB Format: MS Word

Sample Letter -3

I want to bring your attention to making a change in my salary transfer method. Currently, I am receiving my salary via [DETAILS] but now I want to change this method. [Write some detail of the flaws in the previous method]. So, it is better for me now to receive my salary via bank account transfer.

Attached to this letter are my bank account details and payroll history form.

Request Letter to Change Salary Transfer Method via Bank

Size: 24 KB Format: MS Word


I am Louis Maxwell working as an IT specialist in your institute. This message is to request you bring a change in my salary transfer method.

I have opened a new account in ABC Bank and I want you to transfer my salary to my new account. I am doing this to restrain from any nuisance. I request you to consider this request and make changes to the salary transfer method accordingly. I have enclosed all the details with the message. For any query, you can contact me through email.


Dear Sir, I am Stephen Jones and have been giving my services to your organization as a data analyst. I am writing this to request to make some changes in my current salary account. Recently I opened a new bank account and shifted it from XYZ Bank. I want you to issue me salary in a new account and the details of it are mentioned below. to avoid any inconvenience in the future I want you to implement the changes. Thanking in anticipation.


This is to bring to your notice that my account details have been changed as recently I have shifted to Manchester. I had requested the manager of ABC Bank to close my previous account and open a new one in Manchester.

I will request you to transfer my salary to my current account. The reference number and other important details are affixed with this note. Kindly discontinue my previous account and from now use my current account for salary transfer purposes. I humbly request you correct my account details and forward them to the accounts department. On [mention date], I will be getting my salary and I want you to make changes before this date. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.


I have been part of your esteemed organization for the past five years as an accounts manager. I receive my salary on [mention date] each month. I have made some changes in my current account due to my transfer to Sidney. I am shifting Sidney along with my family and my old salary account will not be in use. I have sent you an email about the new account details. It is my kind request to you to please look into this matter on an immediate basis. I will remain indebted to you for this favor.


Dear Sir, I am Kim Steward, and writing this message to make you a formal request about account changing details. There are some technical errors found in my previous account and I am discontinuing it. I have opened a new account in ABC Bank and from now it will remain in my use. I am forwarding you all the necessary details of it and I hope you will not find difficulty in transferring changing method. Your cooperation will mean a lot to me.