Request Letter for Experience Certificate

A request letter is written by an employee to either the human resource manager or direct supervisor when he/she wants to ask for a favor, permission, or a piece of information regarding a matter stated in the letter.  It can serve different purposes such as providing recommendations, granting travel permission, issuing an experience certificate, or any other subject in question.

While writing a request letter an employee must ensure that the matter is being clearly specified for which the request is being made. This would ensure the accomplishment of the required objective without leaving any ambiguity on part of the employer.

The request for an experience certificate is made by an employee when he/she either resign from an existing job or upon the termination of the job contract. The letter serves as a notification for the employer that the employee needs proof of her/his working experience with the organization.

The following points should be considered while writing an effective request letter for an experience certificate:

  • The employee must introduce herself/himself by mentioning designation, the department he/she has worked in, and the duration of work experience. Also, accomplishments should be mentioned when deemed necessary.
  • The purpose of the request letter should be clearly mentioned and the requirements of a prospective employer (if any) should be specified.
  • If there are chances that the late response may lead to difficulty in completing the application process of the potential employer, then it should be highlighted by mentioning a deadline.
  • The tone of the letter should be kept polite and formal, and enough time must be given to the reader so that none of the requirements remains unaddressed.

Sample Request Letter for Experience Certificate

Name of Addressee and designation

Dear Mr. Addressee,

I, ABC, want to forward a formal request for the issuance of my experience certificate. I have worked with company XYZ from [DATE] to [DATE] in the department of Corporate Partnerships and Fundraising, as a Fundraising Officer, and resigned on [DATE]. I am grateful for the opportunities that the organization provided me during these [X] years. They not only helped me in my personal and professional growth but also paved a way for my future endeavors.

It was due to the organization’s consistent support that I was declared ‘Employee of the Quarter’ for the consecutive two quarters in the year [YEAR] and was later nominated as ‘Employee of the Year’ for the year [YEAR]. I have played a vital role in the department’s progress as evident from the following results:

  • The department now has an average annual income of $2.2 million as compared to $1.6 million when I joined, indicating an increase of 37 %
  • The average annual outreach has now increased to 16% more donors, as compared to 12% as that of earlier

While serving the department, I have not only improved my marketing and fundraising skills but have also learned proposal development, risk analysis, and market research. 

My existing requirements have been completed and I have handled all the relevant assets to the respective department as per the organization’s policy. Now, I wish to receive the experience certificate highlighting my major responsibilities in the department I have worked in, and the accomplishments I have made. In addition to that, I would also like you to address the skills I have acquired over the years.

I would appreciate the timely action, as it will help me in proceeding with the formalities of the organization I will be joining. I thank you for your attention and wish the company XYZ continued success.


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