Real Estate Commission Calculator Template

A real estate commission calculator is a tool that is used to calculate the total amount of commission that a sales agent will get in the form of a fee. When a real estate agent helps the property owner by convincing a buyer to buy that property from the owner, he gets the commission. There is a specific percentage of commission that every real estate agent deserves to get. This percentage of commission varies from country to country. When you have to pay the real estate commission you must find out how much you are required to pay. 

It should be kept in mind that the real estate commission calculator only works with the sales of real estate. In other words, it is the seller who has to pay the commission in most cases. 

Calculate exact amount

This calculator is used in order to get the accurate amount a seller has to pay the real estate agent. With the help of this calculator, the seller or the buyer of the property will never end up paying more than what is required. 

People like to use the real estate commission calculator because it helps them calculate the commission without having to know about the variables that need to be included for precise and accurate calculation. 

How to use the commission calculator?

In order to calculate the commission accurately, you should follow the following steps

  1. Determine the purchase price of the property. This can be determined by knowing how much amount has been settled between the seller and buyer
  2. Every real estate agent has a percentage commission set. For example, some real estate agents get a 5 percent commission on the total purchasing price. No matter what purchase an agent receives, multiply it by the purchasing price of the property.
  3. You need to know how much commission you can pay. It should be kept in mind that real estate agents are generally paid 5 or 7 percent commission.
  4. Once you have calculated the total amount of commission that you are willing to pay to your real estate agent, discuss it with the agent. He should be known how much commission he deserves to get. Many agents want to have proper paperwork done to keep it as proof that the commission has been paid. However, you should never get into paperwork before you bring him to the same page as yours.
  5. Since the commission is a specific percentage of purchasing prices, you should not forget the fact that it is determined once the purchasing price is settled.
  6. If you have dealt with a number of brokers, make sure that you distribute the calculated commission among all those agents.
  7. If you want to add the tax to the commission, use this calculator to calculate the tax that will be imposed on the commission to be paid.
    Real estate commission calculator template

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