Promotion Recommendation Letter for Financial Manager

What is a promotion recommendation letter?

If you are in the position to help someone make progress in their career in the position of the financial manager, you can write a recommendation letter to the company where they work and refer to that person. Reference letters in such situations carry a lot of weight and people tend to believe in recommendations while taking a crucial decision as to who should be promoted as a financial manager.

Why write a reference letter for promotion?

Every organization has hiring and a promotion process as a part of the operation since it is essential to shift experienced and progressive employees to higher posts so that their abilities can be used be in the best possible way. A company has many ways to determine which employee deserves a promotion. If more than one employee is striving to be promoted for the post of the financial manager, the recommendation letter written for any of them can help him get a promotion.

What you should include in this letter?

If you are someone who has been allowed to write a letter of reference, it is your responsibility to write it in an efficacious way. It is required that you have some valid and concrete points to put forward in the letter that can support the person who is recommended for promotion. In addition to it, there is also a need to come up with some solid reasons as to why you think that the person you are referring to is the right person to be promoted.  

One of the most important parts of this letter is the statement that can prove that the subject of the letter (person being suggested for promotion) is a right fit for promotion. For this purpose, you may have to provide such arguments and logical reasoning that can prove that he has been a very responsible and hardworking person who deserves much more than what is getting right now.

Try to make the reader believe that your recommendation can help him make a better decision. For this purpose, you can tell him that in what way it can be beneficial for him to promote the financial manager.

Tips for writing:

Anyone who writes the recommendation letter knows that they are required to draft it in such a way that it can convince the reader to consider their recommendation. To fulfill this requirement, you can follow the tips given below:

Write a thoughtful letter:

When you are recommending someone, it is important to have some valid points in your mind that can help you provide some good points in the letter also. Your letter should reflect that you have a deep insight of certain aspects of the financial manager and due to this; you think he is the best candidate for promotion.

For instance, if you have seen the credentials of the person you are suggesting for career advancement, must talk about it in the letter. in simple words, your letter and the points you present should make sense to the reader.

Don’t forget to give your information:  

The reader will want to know that who has recommended the employee for promotion. This matters a lot because not everyone’s recommendation carries weight. If you are the manager or owner of a company and the person you are recommending is your former employee, mention your relationship with him and also give a brief overview of yourself and your company.

You should also let the reader know in this letter whether this recommended letter includes your reference or you have been asked to write a reference.

Endorse the financial manager passionately:

When you are willing to endorse someone who you think deserves to get advancement in his career, you should do it with passion. Don’t write a bland letter just because you have been asked to write one. Your enthusiasm and passion should be reflected in this letter. You should make the reader believe that whatever you have said is true.

Provide your contact details:

As a referee, you must provide your phone number and email address where the recipient can contact you in case he wants to know more about the person being referred.

Sample Letter

Your Name
Your Address
Contact Number


Recipient’s Name

Dear (Name of Recipient),

I would like to recommend (name of employee) for the position of financial manager at (name of company). (Name of employee) has worked in the (tell department) for (tell how many years). He/she has been helpful to all staff members and is a capable candidate for the position. He/she is a leader and his/her skills are exceptional.

(Name of employee)’s ability to figure out a strategy and implement it has helped the department succeed. He/she was the team leader for a number of successful initiatives.

He/she is hard-working and helps the whole department out. I believe that the company will benefit if he/she is a financial manager.

If you need any additional information please let me know.


Your Name

Promotion Recommendation Letter for Financial Manager

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