Payroll Delay Notice

Not paying the employees on time can cause a great dissatisfaction among employees. The employees also become frustrated when they don’t get paid on the specified date. When the company is not able to pay on time due to holidays or any other reason, a notice should be issued informing all the staff members about the delay in payroll

Notices have a great significance in businesses. Organisations use these notices to inform the staff members about any new policy or anything important. There are different ways in which the notice is sent to staff. However, the most common way is to use the electronic media for this purpose.

Importance of payroll delay notice:

Writing a notice for informing about the delay is important. Communication is a vital thing in any business. The communication helps the employer to clear all the assumptions of the employee regarding the delay in payroll.

The delay in payroll most often affects the productivity of the employee. By writing the notice, the employees are informed about the delay and hence the employer wins the loyalty of the employee.

Moreover, the notice also stirs up the employee so that they can increase the productivity. An employee can work up to the mark only when he satisfied and does not have any complaint.

The notice will make it clear to the employee that there is a problem that has caused the delay in payroll and the company will pay him as soon as possible.

The delay in the payroll is a clear indication that the company is facing a serious financial crisis. Due to this reason, many companies find it very hard to admit this crisis. It should be kept in mind that not communicating the problem with the employees can cause more damage.

In some cases, the business has to delay the payroll when it was not decided or foreseen, the employees should be informed about it.

For informing the employees, some necessary steps should be taken so that complaints of employees can be reduced.

While writing the notice, the employer is required to be discreet in terms of informing. It is the responsibility of the management of the company to encourage the employees to remain loyal with the company even if the delay in payroll happens.

Tips for writing the notice about the delay in payroll:

Here are few tips that will help you write a concise notice for the delay in payroll.

  1. Keep the notice to the point
  2. Clear it from all the grammatical and spellings mistakes.
  3. Write the notice with the confidence. This will make the employee feel that you are truthful.
  4. Keep your tone polite and be open while providing information of any sort in the notice.

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Sample notice:

Due to the Christmas holidays, the payroll deposit will be delayed one week. You will receive the payment on 10th of this month.

Please consult your employee handbook or the policymakers of the company in case you have any question regarding the delay in payroll.


Payroll delay notice to employees