Office Closed Announcement for Labor Day

Labor Day has the important connotation in all the countries regarding its history. The labors must be given the respect they ought to have. The work they are doing and the way they do is really very difficult. It is not as easier as it seems. So, the recompense they are worthy of must be given always.

Labor Day must be celebrated with full diligence and respect in all sectors of the society. Moreover, the labors must be given tribute in school, colleges, and universities.

The announcement letter/email is a document sent to staff or customers to let them know about the closure of the office for the day. The information highlights the office closure schedule for staff and customers.

The Labor Day is a national holiday in all the countries. This holiday must be given in all the sectors due to the following reasons.

  1. To raise the strength of the labors of the country that all individuals recognize them whole-heartedly.
  2. To give respect to the labor with a view that everyone is alert of the hard work and complicatedness they face.
  3. To support the labor for future and pay a tribute to their efforts.

Hence, a letter is issued in all the private, public, semi-government and government organizations for the announcement of the labor holiday.

The letter should start with a brief description of the Labor Day. Additionally, the moral raising tips could be added regarding respect for labor. Some good activities can be defined that one can do on a Labor Day. The date must be highlighted. The name of the company and address should be declared.

The template letters for an announcement of Labor Day holiday is as follows.

Sample Letters


We are writing this letter to inform you that the office will be closed this Friday on account of the Labor Day. This holiday is well earned by all of our employees for the hard work that they do around the year. We wish you a relaxing long weekend and sufficient time to spend with your families.


Please be advised that all the company branches will be closed on 03 September for Labor Day. The company will resume its normal operations on 04 September 2018. We wish you a relaxing holiday.


Please note that Friday will be off for Labor Day holiday. The office will be closed during this day and resume operations on Monday. We wish you all a happy holiday and keep safe.


As you all know that Labor Day is just around the corner. And we will be spending this day at home with our families and friends. This letter is to inform you that the office will remain closed from [DATE to [DATE]. We will start working again on [DATE].

During this closure period, we wish all our employees a festive time with our closed ones. We hope this holiday will give you more time to recharge and come back with enthusiasm.


Labor Day holiday is one of the most awaited holidays for people doing jobs. And as we all deserve this day; the office will remain closed on 09/03/18. No operations will be performed and will resume from the next working day. So please make sure to plan things in advance to enjoy your holiday at its most.


Office Closed Announcement for Labor Day


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