Move-in Letter to the Tenant

Moving into a new house or an apartment is a very important step of life for a tenant. Due to this, the majority of tenants are seen as insecure and overwhelmed. There is so much a tenant has to keep in mind while moving in. The tenant feels secure and comfortable when the landlord is friendly and easy to talk to.

It is the responsibility of the landlord to write the letter to the tenant before taking possession of the property of the landlord. For this purpose, the landlord can write the move-in letter to him.

What is the move-in letter to the tenant?

It is a piece of information that the landlord shares with the tenant before he moves in. In some situations, the landlord writes this letter to inform the tenant about the date on which he is allowed to take possession of the property.

Why is the move-in letter written?

Some landlords don’t write a move-in letter and rely on the agreement of tenancy for communicating the terms and some useful instructions to the tenant. However, the agreement of tenancy does not cover everything regarding a comfortable and convenient move-in. Therefore, writing a move-in letter is always recommended.

The move-in letter is written by keeping this fact in mind that the tenant might face lots of troubles after shifting to the new apartment. There are lots of things on the mind of the landlord also that according to him should be communicated so that any kind of inconvenience in the future can be avoided.

How to write a move-in letter to the tenant?

A landlord should be able to write a welcome letter to the tenant in the form of a move-in letter. Following steps can be followed by the landowner to write a letter that stands out:

Warmly welcome the tenant:

To start a friendly relation with the tenant, he should be warmly welcomed in the letter. This will make him feel good about moving in. The landowner should tell the tenant that he is glad to have started this relationship of tenancy with him.

State the purpose of the letter:

The tenant might wonder after reading this letter why you have sent him the move-in letter. So, discuss the purpose of the letter with the tenant. Share the information regarding various aspects such as utility bills, maintenance work, and much more. In addition, if there are some instructions that you want to share with the tenant, it is the best time to convey your message.

Pay attention to how you end the letter:

The end of the letter should be on a friendly and positive note. Thank the tenant for agreeing with you

Below is a sample letter to get started:

Sample letter


Dear [X],

Welcome to the new apartment. I am completely aware of the fact that it is very overwhelming to move. As you are about to move into your new apartment, there will a lot on your mind. This letter is being written to you to provide you with the necessary information that must be kept on board before you practically start to move in.

The rent amount that you are supposed to pay every month is (mention the amount). You will be required to pay the rent by the 10 of every month. When you submit the check memo, please mention your name and apartment number.

You are responsible for paying your utility bills also. But, if you have any problem regarding the heat or electricity system in the apartment, do let us know. We can be accessed via (mention the phone number or email address).

If you find out that there is some maintenance work that needs to be done, don’t forget to contact us.

You are recommended to have insurance with full coverage to protect yourself against accidental fire or any break-in.

We are glad to have you as our new tenant. The date on which you are supposed to move in is 15th October 2021. Please call me if there is anything that you haven’t understood.


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Move-in Letter to the Tenant

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