Letter to Inform a customer of an overpayment

There comes a situation in a business when a customer sends an extra payment to a business. The situation of overpayment is handled by many businesses by informing their customers about the overpayment. Writing this letter not only saves the money of the customer but it also makes the relationship between the business and customer stronger.

What to do in case of overpayment?

There are different ways to deal with the overpayment. You can either credit the extra paid money in the account of the customer or refund the customer.

It depends on customer whether he wants to be refunded or wants to keep the money saved in his account balance for future purchases. In case you provide your assistance, give your phone number and contact details.

Sometimes the situation of overpayment occurs due to the mistake of business. For example, when a business charges a customer more than needed, the customer overpays. When the business realizes the mistake, it can let the customer know about the overpayment.

In such a situation, a customer feels so happy for overpaying as he gets some of the money refunded. Moreover, he also feels good when a business shows honesty.

Guidelines for writing the letter:

Here are few guidelines to help you write a professional letter

  1. This letter should clearly inform the recipient about the extra payment that he has sent by mistake.
  2. The letter should not be written in such a way that it starts making the customer feel embarrassed. In other words, you should not criticise the customer for making this mistake.
  3. It should be described clearly that how much extra he has paid you.
  4. If you want the customer to take some measure to get the extra paid money, suggest the ways in which he can do that
  5. Keep the tone of the letter formal and make the recipient understand the situation readily
  6. If you want to provide any type of assistance to your customers in this matter, introduce your assistance and support to them

A sample letter

Thank you for making the payment. We are glad that you keep up with your payments timely. You would be glad to know that we have reduced some of our prices, but we forgot invoicing this reduction. Due to this reduction, the payment we received from you is over to the invoice amount. We have credited this amount to your account and can be used against your future purchases. I have attached your updated statement which will show this amount in your account.

Alternatively, we can send you a check for this amount. Please email us back should you like a refund.



Letter to Inform a customer of an overpayment

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