Letter to Employee for Why not Coming to Work

When you start working for a company, you sign a contract according to which it is your responsibility to show up at the workplace on all working days. Any person who needs to take one or more days off from work is required to take permission from the employer by writing the leave of absence. Those who do not take permission and go on leave without informing anyone are considered to have been involved in serious misconduct and the company takes action against them depending on how many days they remain away from work. 

Employees who don’t show up at the workplace are often asked to write a letter of explanation. 

What is a letter to an employee for why not coming to work?

Many employers contact their employees who are absent from work in order to ask them about their absence. Employers usually write these letters when they are either angry or concerned about the absence of the worker. It is clear that it is written when the reason behind the absence of a worker is not known. 

Almost every company has a policy for its employees as to how they can go on leave. There are different responsibilities that are assigned to different people according to their expertise that enable the workers to work and make a business run successfully.

Usually, a team of professionals with different skills works with each other in order to achieve a common goal. If there is an employee who does not come to work without informing anyone, he or she owes an explanation to the company for this absence as this act of staying absent is against the policy of the company and they should give an explanation of this act. 

When to write?

When a supervisor notices that an employee is not coming to work and he has not informed anyone about it, he often writes a letter to show his concern. This letter should be written when the employee has not specified the reason for absence and when he has remained absent from work for more than one day. 

How to ask the employee why he is not coming to work?

Or writing a letter in such a way that can show that you are concerned about the absence of the employee, you should go through the following steps:

Discuss that you have noticed the absence of the employee:

Tell the employee that you have noticed his absence from work and this has drawn concerns for you because this has never happened before that you go on leave without letting anyone know about your absence. Share your expectations that the employee would be fine and not in any kind of trouble.  

Ask for the reason:

Since the employee has not stated any reason and no one has any clues as to why the employee has not been coming to work late, you should politely ask the employee to write back with the reason. 

Discuss the importance of high attendance:

Although the employee is aware of how important it is for anyone working in the company to remain punctual and show up every day, this letter reminds them and also lets them know that their absence is being noticed and therefore, they should show some seriousness towards their work. Let them know how the absence of the worker from the workplace affects the company, colleagues, and the career and professional life of the employee. 

Also, use a friendly tone and ask the employee to share their problem with you if they are facing any problems in maintaining a balance between their personal and work life. 

Ask the employee to respond back:

Since you want to hear from the employee, ask them to respond back to this letter and let the company know when they intend to return to work. Also, ask them to provide evidence if they have any genuine reasons for not coming to work and not informing anyone about it.

Provide your contact details and ask the employee to feel confident and respond back as early as possible without any hesitation. Close the letter with your signatures and name to give an official look to the letter.  

Sample Letter


(Name of employee)
(Name of Company)

Dear (Name of employee),

I have been told that you were not at work from (state dates) without getting permission to go on leave. You have even not told the company why you have been absent for (state number of days). This company has no policy to tolerate employees who display non-professional behavior. You need to give the reasons why you were absent and inform the company when you want to go on leave.


(Name of employer)

Letter to Employee for Why not Coming to Work