Letter of Explanation for Commute

Most people commute daily to move from home to the workplace. Many people enjoy their commute while some get completely bored of it. If you are moving when you are not allowed to, this will create a problem for you. For example, while you are at your job, you are required to stay there for a number of hours you have committed to work. Sometimes, people travel and they are required to explain it. This is where the need to write the letter of explanation for commute is needed.

What is a letter of explanation for the commute?

An explanation letter always has a purpose behind it. In most common scenarios, people write a letter of explanation because they want to achieve something out of it. For example, when someone wants to get a loan for a commute of a particular number of hours, they will write a letter to ask for a loan. If the loan is being taken from the bank and the reason that the applicant has given is the commute, he will have to write the explanation letter. The bank wants to know if you have a genuine reason to ask for the loan. If the reason you give sounds genuine, a loan will be granted.

Where to include the explanation letter?

Many people add the explanation letter as a part of their application procedure. They know that the institute where they are applying will ask them to provide a letter of explanation. Therefore, they write it in advance. This letter should be attached with the application form instead of waiting for the recipient to ask to submit it.

How to write the explanation letter?

An explanation letter is a very critical document that needs deep insight and knowledge. If you don’t write this letter considering the requirements of the recipient, you will fail to describe your position. In case, you are applying for a loan, you will get your loan application rejected because of a poor explanation letter.

Use simple language:

The first point that is needed to be kept in mind is that your letter of explanation should be easy to understand. One of the biggest problems with the natural language is that it creates misunderstandings. So, one should try to avoid it as much as possible. For this purpose, the best thing to do is choose simple words which have a plain and generic meaning. This will make the reader understand the letter in a better way.

Explain the reason:

Different reasons make it important for you to write the explanation. The recipient should be able to know that why you are explaining things. In case you are applying for the loan, you know that the recipient wants to know the reason for the commute. So, tell the recipient that you want him to know how much you need the money you are trying to get as a loan.

Keep it short

Many people believe that meaning of the explanation is to write long paragraphs full of details. However, this is not the case. In formal situations, you need to write a letter as brief as possible. Trying to communicate your message and then close the letter.

Sample letter of explanation for commute

5th Feb, 20XX

Name of the company,

Dear ABC,

I am writing this letter to let you know that due to some reasons, I have to commute long distance for 5 to 6 hours. I don’t have any personal conveyance and the timing of the public transport does not suit me. Due to this, I am compelled to rent a taxi which charges me around [X]$. I am unable to pay such a huge amount and I have no other option.

I applied for the loan of [X]$ and I have been asked by the bank to explain. This is the reason; I am writing you the explanation letter.

I hope that you will understand the problem I am going through and will loan me the needed amount. My credit history meets your eligibility criteria. For proof, enclosed is my bank statement. In case you have any query, you can contact me on my number.


Name of the sender

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