Letter for Changing Billing Procedure

What is a billing system?

The billing system is a complex process in which a combination of software and hardware receive details and information regarding service usage. The system analyses the information according to individual customers and accounts. The invoices are produced for these accounts and reports are created for the management. Through this system, customer accounts are provided with payments.

What are different billing procedures?

Generally, there are two types of billing systems, pre-billing system, and post-billing system. The pre-billing system, after inventory and credits checks, immediately creates invoices when an order is placed. This system is usually used when there are no time intervals between the customers’ orders and the shipment of the service. However, post-billing system ships goods to the customer first.

After the shipment details have been matched according to the billing information, the invoices are created, completing the post-billing system.

What is the best billing procedure system? [if any]

The billing systems depend on the type of service or product which is being provided. For example, the post-billing process is a better system in situations where a product or service is checked by the customer before they pay for it. Moreover, a pre-billing system is more useful in a situation where a customer needs to pay for the service before they can access it. For example, a customer who needs access to data on a website may have to pay for it. The pre-billing method allows the customer to access the data after the payment has been made.

An announcement of changes in billing procedure system:

Customers need to be provided with information before they are able to buy the products or services being provided to them. In order to manage their own finances, customers analyze their expenses accordingly with the fixed monthly bills.

How important is it to inform the customers about the change in billing procedure?

If there are changes in the billing system, the customers need to evaluate and adjust their finances according to the new system. For example, if a person pays for the goods after their delivery, their finances have been managed according to this system. If the billing system of the goods is changed, unless the customer readjusts their payment of expenses, the customer may not be able to afford the goods or services anymore. Therefore, it is necessary to inform and explain the new billing system so no customers are lost.

What are different means to inform the customer about the change?

Emails as well as advertising the change in the billing system through other forms of telecommunication are the best way to inform the customers of the changes in the billing system. Sending emails, text messages or putting notices online on their websites as well as the accounts increases the chances of customers becoming aware of the changes. Providing links to the page to explain the new billing system is a great way of explaining the new process to the customers.

Letters & emails as a source to inform the customers about the change in billing procedures:

In some cases, regular customers can be informed via letters about the changes in the billing system. For example, mobile network operators can easily send letters on their customers’ addresses to inform them of the new changes in the billing system. As these customers provide information to the companies before they can access the services of the operators, emails and letters are easily issued to the customers.

Below is a sample letter to inform an employee of changes in billing procedure:

Letter informing a customer of a change in billing procedures

Dear Customer,

This letter is to inform you of the upcoming changes that are being made to the billing system of the ‘Company Name’. After analyzing the suggestions and keeping in mind to provide the best customer care services, ‘Company Name’ is introducing a new system for billing.

The changes being made to the system are as follows:

‘Provide reason and the descriptive process of the changes for the customers understanding’.

The ‘Company name’ team appreciates your subscription to our services. We hope to keep providing the best services for you. If you have any further queries, please contact us at the given address or contact number.


Name of Executive,
Job Post of Letter Issuer,

Name of Company,
Address of Company,
Contact Number.

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Letter for Changing Billing Procedure

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