Job Offer Letters

What is a Job Offer Letter?

A job offer letter is a formality provided by an organization to the candidates that applied for a job opening in the said organization. After the interview sessions, the organizations pick up a candidate that best meets the requirements of the organization. The hiring policy varies from organization to organization.

According to the hiring policies, most organizations tend to contact the job applicant through a phone call first to deliver the hiring news. Then the hired employee receives an email from the organization. The details mentioned in the job offer letter may vary from organization to organization.

What does the Job Offer Letter include?

A formal job offer letter includes the details of the job such as job description, work schedule, salary, incentives, details of paid leaves, sick leaves etc. However, details may vary from organization to organization. For example, some organizations send the selected candidates, detailed job offer letter in the form of email or mail, including the reporting schedule and other policies of the organization as well.

On the other hand, some organizations only send the main job description details in email or mail format. They further invite the selected candidate to their organizations for personal briefings. These briefings include explaining the job description in more detail, organization policies, job benefits etc.

Accepting or Declining a Job Offer Letter

After the selected applicant has been provided with the job perspective, they are given a specific time to decide whether the job meets the applicant’s expectation; they can accept or decline the offer.

The applicant can accept the offer on the spot. They can also be allowed to take some time to review the offer, such a few business days, however, it is important for the candidate to inform the organization about this decision. Some organizations also allow the candidate to negotiate the terms or benefits of their employment.

In case, the candidate is unsure of whether they should accept the job offer or not, the candidate should review the salary, incentives and other benefits of the job. If they feel as if the job prospects are not up to their expectations, the candidate is recommended to decline the offer in a professional way. They can do so by emailing a formal letter. This formal letter should include an appreciation for the organization for providing the applicant with the opportunity as well as a reason for why they are unable to accept the offer. In reply, the organization might try to accommodate the applicant’s reasons or simply accept the refusal.

Below are sample letters for Job Offer Letters:

Simple Job Offer Letter:

Dear ABC,

We are pleased to offer you the designation of ‘Job Position’, at our organization, ‘Name of Organization.

Your employment contract starts on ‘Date’. Attached to this letter is the job prospects as well as some procedures you must follow. We would like to invite your presence on ‘Date’, at the office for a personal briefing where you will be explained in detail your work requirements, incentives, and organization procedures and policies. Please email us a confirmation of your acknowledgment till the end of this week on ‘email-address’.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on ‘email-address’. We are excited to welcome you to the team.


Name of Employee,

Human Resources,

Name of Organization.

Simple job offer letter



Detailed Job Offer Letter:

Dear ABC,

We are happy to inform that you have been selected for ‘Name of Designation’, at ‘Name of Organization’.

The start date of your employment is ‘Date’. The details of your job designation, the employee work requirements, job incentives, work and reporting schedule, and the policies of the organization have been attached to the welcome package. You are expected to sign the receipt as an acknowledgment of the offer letter along with terms & conditions and return us the provided page through the mail.

If you have any queries, please contact us at the provided email. We are looking forward to having you on board with our team!


Name of Employee,

Human Resources
Name of organization

Detailed job offer letter